Justin Bieber Is the Worst at Marijuana

American authorities found small amounts of marijuana in Justin Bieber’s tour bus before he was slated to play a concert on Sunday night, though fortunately the hairless Furby wasn’t there to receive the full wrath of the law (maybe we … Continued

This Genius Made an Entire Album on Vine

We’ve seen some pretty ingenious uses for Vine, the app that allows you to take recursive six-second videos, but Aidan Moffat has them all beat. Under the moniker L. Pierre, Moffat released his newest album, The Eternalist, as a series of … Continued

Is This Really The Greatest Vine Ever?

The Vine below has been making the rounds on Twitter, and rightfully so: It’s a masterwork of coordination between a bunch of bros who I assume had nothing better to do on a drunken afternoon. Indeed, it’s impressive: there’s a … Continued