Conscious Uncoupling: RIP BULLETT

It’s only fitting to use the term made popular during BULLETT’s heyday, circa 2014, by Gwenyth Paltrow’s marriage counselor to announce our own split from ‘the Industry.’ Rest assured, our demise—not unlike the Hollywood couples’—shall be acquiescent and graceful (or … Continued

Eulogy by BULLETT Editor-in-Chief Idil Tabanca

Truth be told, I can’t take any credit for BULLETT. My biggest accomplishment is bringing (and keeping) together the extraordinary group of people that made up our team. The day Johnny Rackleff introduced me to Sah D’Simone’s band of misfits, … Continued

Studio Visit with ‘Housewife’ Director Can Evrenol

Emerging from a country that rarely raises international filmmakers let alone those belonging to the horror genre, Can Evrenol is a rare commodity. With his first film, Baskin, the Turkish writer/director conquered the challenge of exploring eastern ideologies, settings and characters … Continued

Submission Guideline for Editorial Stories

Submissions for BULLETT are open to the public. You may submit short format (300 words) and long format (600-2000 words) stories as well as Fashion Editorials. We are looking for stories driving the zeitgeist in topics of Fashion, Art, Film, … Continued

Primavera Sound 2016 Highlights

  Primavera Sound is well on its way to establish itself as the music festival to attend. Not just in Europe, but throughout the world. Many factors add to the festival’s appeal, but its compelling line-up is on top of the … Continued

Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck Gives Rom-Coms a Feminist Makevoer

A neofeminist rom-com has been long overdue. Brilliant comedians Amy Schumer anticipated big screen debut, “Trainwreck” (out today), delightfully twists and bends the rom-com “formula” by reassigning gender roles and revamp the genre’s cliché staple characers. That promiscuous leeding actor that can’t … Continued

Paris Men’s: Kenzo Is Sportacular

“On adore l’homme français!” was Kenzo’s dictum this S/S ’15 season. The homage to ze Frenchman was indirect—rather, there were winks to French kitsch (an Eiffel Tower jacquard, a bright variant on the classic Breton stripe, Cosette’s face incarnated in … Continued

Kirsten Dunst, In Defiance of Gravity

Kirsten Dunst stands beneath a spotlight wearing a fringed Rodarte leather jacket that would look more at home on a Hells Angel than a movie star. Her fingers are twisted to read “blood,” and her side- swept blond hair exposes … Continued

The Story of How M.I.A. Got Her Third World Swag

When she arrived in the U.K. from Sri Lanka at the age of 10, Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam only knew two words of English: “Michael” and “Jackson.” Like her idol, Arulpragasam—now widely known as M.I.A.—has since knocked the international pop scene flat on its ass, using her critically acclaimed … Continued

Alexander Skarsgård: The Sea Inside

While sipping an espresso at Fat Radish, a dimly lit restaurant on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Alexander Skarsgård speaks with deep admiration about An Iliad, an off- Broadway restaging of Homer’s Trojan War classic featuring a well-reviewed performance by his … Continued

Daniel Radcliffe’s Magical Thinking

Daniel Radcliffe seems preoccupied when he enters the Hudson Diner, an unassuming bistro in Manhattan’s West Village. Visibly frustrated, he heads straight to an empty table, where he fidgets with his iPhone. “Sorry about that,” he says, emerging from his … Continued