The Great White Wipe: Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari Explain ‘Toilet Paper’

In late 2010, Maurizio Cattelan, the ribald, “post-Duchampian” artist from whose satirical crosshairs nothing—from the Guggenheim to the Pope—is safe, joined forces with photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari to create Toilet Paper, a magazine devoid of text and devoted to uncomfortable, uncanny, and surreal images. Each issue of Toilet Paper, a … Continued

Speeding Bullett: John Magaro on ‘Not Fade Away’ & Surviving His Dreams

John Magaro turned heads earlier this year as an emotionally tortured, David Foster Wallace–obsessed undergrad in Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts before appearing as the daydreaming lead in David Chase’s Not Fade Away, the writer and director’s first feature film and first notable project since creating The Sopranos. After he … Continued

Speeding Bullett: Mickey Sumner on ‘Frances Ha’ & the Pressure of Playing Patti Smith

After appearing on Showtime’s The Borgias and in Kristen Wiig’s Imogene, New York–based Mickey Sumner landed the part of the opinionated and driven Sophie, the brunette counterpart to Greta Gerwig’s title character in Frances Ha, a loveletter to a new generation of dazed and confused 20-somethings coauthored by Gerwig … Continued