Forever 69: Postgenderism Is Fashion’s Future, Our Future

Trans & postracial styles are trending — this week’s Forever 69 explores fashion’s latest fluid flirtation: postgenderism. The fantasy is that technology will deliver us to a new Garden of Eden. As we restore sustainable polyculture in our fruit production, we’ll eradicate binaries like Good … Continued

Forever 69: Notes on Shoe Fetishism

Forever 69 is a bi-weekly, bi-curious column about fashion and sex. Among object fetishes, shoes are reportedly the most common. The stat figures, considering shoe fetishism’s connection to foot fetishism, oft-measured as the most prevalent sexual fetish outside of the normie … Continued

Across the Tumblrverse: Best Fetish Finds #NSFW

Attention voyeurs. Best Fetish Finds (BFF) is the tumblr for all your scopophilic needs. Launched in May 2012, the scintillating site has archived around 2000 amateur fetish images, all reblogged from Flickr accounts. From bald smokers to Wet and Messy (WAM) … Continued

Forever 69: Does This Make Me Look Gay?

Spring 2012, I had less than no money to spend on clothes. When I can’t have, I obsess over wants. I make lists itemizing what I will buy—garments, usually, but also tattoos and hair dos, things I imagine will make … Continued

VFILES MADE Introduces a New Kind of Fashion Show

Everything about Sam MC London’s eleven looks at VFILES MADE yesterday said Tisci Givenchy—from the silhouette of basketball shorts, crewneck Ts, and sweatshirt-wrapped waists to the on-black floral and ethnic kitsch prints. The designer, Samuel McWilliams, the MADE release told … Continued

Forever 69: Back to Schoolgirl

Forever 69 is a bi-weekly, bi-curious column about fashion and sex. Get in on more action by studying up on Fiona’s first, second, third and fourth installments. In her poem Peanut Butter, Eileen Myles calls summer, “a time to do nothing and make no … Continued