Meet These 6 Rebels With a Cause

We are often advised to do as Robert Frost once wrote, to “follow the road less traveled,” but as with many things, this is easier said than done. To drop a million dollar salary job at JP Morgan in order … Continued

Making and Destroying Art at SIXTY Hotel

Before its renovation, it first needed to be entirely deconstructed. Or at least that’s what SIXTY Hotels owner Jason Pomeranc thought, and what better way than to start the deconstruction with graffiti? Last night Pomeranc relinquished control of his hotel … Continued

Watch Suzanne Rae’s FW14 Video

Inspired by Les Enfants du Paradis, Brooklyn-based designer Suzanne Rae Pelaez created a FW14 collection wrought with romantic reinterpretations of her brand’s signature minimalism. Throughout the collection, Palaez pays homage to a star of the film: Baptiste Debureau, the French … Continued

Safe House USA Brings Streetwear Inside

Although first and foremost considered an interior decorating company, SAFE HOUSE USA founder Keehnan Konyha prefers to think of his brand as a bridge between two worlds. Functional housewares engage with fashion and design; streetwear is adapted and brought indoors. “SAFE … Continued

Guys and Dolls: TELFAR Hijacks the New Museum at NYFW

Last year, Telfar Clemens announced himself as a radical when he democratized his collection. It was a risky move in an industry allergic to risky moves. This year, Clemens went bigger and bolder when his brand, TELFAR, hijacked the New Museum from the lobby to the … Continued

Degen’s Rainbow Brite at New York Fashion Week

Continuously pushing the boundaries of knitwear, Lindsay Degen’s latest collection is like Rainbow Brite on acid. Her F/W ’14 collection explodes with neon knitted sweaters, dresses, underwear, socks and everything in between, including shoes. But in suit with her usual … Continued