Puff Daddy Spits Hellfire and Reigns on ‘MMM’

On Halloween night, Puff Daddy pulled up to Marquee nightclub on a horse and carriage, trumpets thundering around him. He dismounted to paparazzi flashes, sporting a majestic all-white robe, before entering the club alongside TAO partner Noah Tepperberg and becoming … Continued

20-Year-Old Producer Madeon Talks Debut Album

Photography: Jingyu Lin Styling: Abigail Lipp Grooming: Dillon Pena In many respects, DJing has become the ultimate form of plagiarism. Artists mash together pre-existing songs on a laptop as a means of leaving their stamp on someone else’s legacy. You walk into any … Continued

The Magnises Guide to SXSW

We’re fortunate to live in a time where communication is instant and ideas are constantly being exchanged and built upon. Yesterday, 2015’s South by Southwest festival kicked off in Austin, TX. For the next week, SXSW will debut the latest … Continued

A Conversation with Tokio Hotel

After a five-year hiatus since their last album Humanoid, Tokio Hotel is back and better than ever with a new masterpiece titled, Kings of Suburbia. A rapid departure from the band’s carefully crafted emo-punk signature that made them a breakout sensation … Continued

Is This Generation Satire?

Right now the media is in the middle of a debate over the size of Justin Bieber’s penis and Bruce Jenner revoking manhood. The worst part is that none of us are even remotely surprised. Traditional journalism died a long … Continued