Bullett’s Summer Playlist: Volume 11

We like closing the season at eleven volumes—it’s better than ten, by one number. Yes we could have stopped at that nice symmetric landmark, but there’s a long holiday weekend behind us, and you deserve to be musically escorted out … Continued

BULLETT’s Summer Playlist: Volume 10

Our tenth playlist might mark an end to summer, but really, whatever. Plenty of sunshine left to be had, and tunes to be heard. Stream it all HERE, and get to know each track below. Paavoharju – “11” Because if we’re going … Continued

BULLETT’s Summer Playlist: Volume 9

We’ve got another list of tunes, our ninth to be exact, cued up for poolside enjoyment or a sunset drive, or at least the pools and sunsets of our desktop daydreams. Per usual, the gateway is HERE, and a few words … Continued

BULLETT’s Summer Playlist: Volume 8

When it comes to BULLETT playlists, we’re eight volumes into the summer. That means two things: one, that summer is almost over; and two, that you have eight volumes of great tunes to listen to, courtesy of us!  This link goes … Continued

BULLETT’s Summer Playlist: Volume 7

Much like the six volumes that preceded it, number seven in our ongoing playlist of summer-type music aims to compliment all the colors of your mood ring, by pulling gems, past and present, from the celestial jukebox that is Spotify, … Continued

BULLETT’s Summer Playlist: Volume 6

Volume six of our weekly anthology of summertime tracks emerged from the ocean this morning. It’s on the beach now,  waiting for you to press play. Stream it HERE and read some words about each track below. Tonstartssbandht – “Holiness Aside” Let’s … Continued

BULLETT’s Summer Playlist: Volume 5

The fifth installment of our Summer Playlist series arrives just in time for that weekend you mentally started on Tuesday, America. Per usual, we’ve got 40 minutes of Spotified variety lined up HERE, and some words on each selection below. Arnaud … Continued

BULLETT’s Summer Playlist: Volume 4

We can go off about how it’s hot outside and it’s summer and it’s almost the Fourth of July and there will be grilling and drinking and smoking and swimming and that you’ll need to soundtrack the whole thing with … Continued

Bullett’s Summer Playlist: Volume 3

In the third instalment of our Summer Playlist series, we set you up with some cool-down jams to beat the heat, and some steamy songs to soundtrack that fling you’re about to have (trust us, it’s happening). You can listen … Continued

Our Weekly Summer Playlist: Volume Two

It’s Friday again! And, as of last week, that means it’s time for another summer-y playlist curated by yours truly. Volume Two is another breeze through genre and era, constructed with all your various weekend recreations in mind. So fire up … Continued

Our Inaugural Weekly Summer Playlist Is Here!

In the spirit of the summer BBQ we know you’re having this weekend, we decided to pull together ten songs (past and present, upbeat and mellow) that should fill your hazy, sun-soaked afternoon just fine. It’s the first in a … Continued

BULLETT’s Guide to Summer Music Festivals

Although it runs in early spring, let’s assume that Coachella is the unofficial launch date of the summer festival season. If that’s the case, then consider the floodgates open. Starting this weekend, there’s a music festival happening pretty much every … Continued

The Coachella Survival Guide

We recently listed the performers we think will ensure your Coachella glides at a consistent and rewarding high. Now, with one day left before said flight, it’s time to get those other details in order—the ones that aren’t as fun … Continued

10 Acts at Coachella 2012 That Will Surprise You

The appeal of Coachella is fairly obvious—a giant utopian desert party hosting some of the biggest and best musical acts on the planet. Over the years, this California-based festival has grown into the ultimate victory lap for performers. When compared … Continued