Jenny Slate On Her Career-Making Film ‘Obvious Child’

A few years ago, after a brief stint on SNL, Jenny Slate’s comedic successes began unfolding one at a time, bit by golden bit. Some bits were sweet, like Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, which she co-created with her husband Dean Fleischer-Camp; others were bingeable, … Continued

Exposed: Kate Bellm Just Wants to Have Fun

There’s something intrinsically glamorous and performative about flash photography. If the camera has the power to turn the world into a set, then flash is the spotlight. Full-frontal and glossy, the flash makes a moment into a highlight and the … Continued

Exposed: Alexis Dahan

“Well, that’s your interpretation,” responded artist and photographer Alexis Dahan to almost all my questions pertaining to the photographic prints that comprise his first solo show, The Lover’s Body Parts are Separated. “Which is great!” he always followed, encouragingly. Abstract art is experientially … Continued

Exposed: How Dan Martensen Balances Art and Artifice

The first thing you notice about Dan Martensen’s new book, Photographs From the American Southwest, is the deliberate lack of people. Unusual, coming from a fashion photographer, whose job is to portray people. The collection of sixty photos, taken between … Continued

Exposed: Harley Weir’s Magic Touch

Photomontage, championed in the 1920s by artists like Hannah Höch and Raoul Haussman, is alive and well and living in the works of Harley Weir (minus the extreme political imagery, of course). The 24-year-old, London-born, Berlin-based photographer takes cut and … Continued

Exposed: The Fearless Frances Tulk-Hart

London-born, New York-based photographer Frances Tulk-Hart has a knack for succeeding at everything she does. (Okay, disclaimer: I know Franny personally. But we don’t see each other too often; just often enough for me to witness, over and over again, … Continued

Finding Myla Dalbesio at the End of the World

The morning before my interview with model-cum-performance-slash-multimedia-artist Myla Dalbesio, I sat in front of my computer watching Marshall Applewhite’s Heaven’s Gate cult initiation video. The bald, wide-eyed man lulled me from beyond space and time. “Planet Earth [is] about to … Continued

Exposed: Meet Aurora Crowley, Light Painter

Light painter Aurora Crowley prefers not to depend on other people. Once, when he fractured several bones in his hand, he waited ten days before going to the doctor (and almost had to have his hand amputated because of it). … Continued

New Museum: Five Solo Shows

When the New Museum launches five solo art shows all in the same week, all by female artists, and has W Magazine and Burberry host an exclusive dinner in honor of the artists with invitees ranging from MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch to … Continued