Fit to Print: Street Crazy, Day 5

This week’s theme wraps up with layers upon layers of florals, plaids, and fur. In this exclusive editorial, our street-crazy darling and her wild imagination leave passers-by in a trail of obscurity wondering what could have possibly inspired her ensemble. … Continued

Fit to Print: Street Crazy, Day 4

In many ways, the ‘Street Crazy’ look is much like playing dress up. Mismatched prints, wild lipstick, larger-than-life hair – get ready to be a conversation piece. But for this theme, the rules are made to be broken. 1. Adorn … Continued

Fit to Print: Street Crazy, Day 3

The hair and makeup for this look crawl with colorful quirkiness, much akin to the rest of her. With a grafity-defying hairstyle, and an opaque, sherbet-hued lip, she is anything but subdued. She awakes each morning and, religiously, styles her … Continued

Fit to Print: Street Crazy, Day 2

Certainly not for the wary, this look will have all of your senses on overdrive with its ostensibly irreverent mixing of prints and textures. While the prospect of dressing in such a seemingly remiss sort of way may have you … Continued

Solange Knowles Signs With Next Models

Fashion is, arguably, one of the most difficult industries to break into. Modeling, perhaps, even more so. One must, quite literally, fit a very precise mold. And we all, whether or not we have made fashion our career, have some … Continued

Fit to Print: Street Crazy, Day 1

For Volume IV of Fit to Print, the BULLETT girl gets unabashedly sassy and a wee bit mysterious. In feminine frocks adorned with florals galore and busy patterns, she satisfies her green thumb in her garden-party garb. More is more for … Continued

Jaime Scott Chats Graffiti6

  BULLETT: So you previously made your mark in the industry as a solo artist delving into soul/pop songs. Can you tell me a bit about these experiences and how that influences Graffiti6?  Jamie Scott: I was signed when I … Continued

Lana Del Rey Signs with Next Models

Indie pop star, and Secret Issue feature Lana Del Rey is just as recognized for her bee-stung pout and vintage features as she is for her music. And now, it seems, the modeling world has taken notice of the melodramatic dilettante. The … Continued

Fit to Print: Pajama-rama Styling Tips, Day 4

Ms. Pajama-rama does not come solely with her sleepy garb—no, this character is a package deal. As piquant as she is meek, with a penchant for basics and killer charm, she’s a self-proclaimed tomboy who skateboards to the local park. Never afraid … Continued

Fit to Print: Pajama-rama, Day 3

While Ms. Pajamarama would never hit the sack without first thoroughly removing all makeup, her look could almost pass as, say, last night’s leftovers. Instead of going for the tried-and-tested statement lip or eye, to which most makeup maestros abide, … Continued

Fit to Print: Pajama-rama, Day 2

When shopping for this look (online, from your cozy bed, of course), think “champagne breakfast beneath crispy white sheets.” The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you are glowing incandescently with slept-in glamour—naturally, of course. Wearing your boyfriend’s oversize oxford, … Continued

Fit to Print: Pajama-rama, Day 1

For chapter three of BULLETT’s Fit to Print, the sun sets on pajamas’ slouchy reputation, and rises with a crisper take on those sleepy, periwinkle coordinates. In our first edition of Fit to Print, we explored the many lingerie-inspired looks … Continued