WRKing Denim

Photography & Video: Andy Long Hoang Styling: Tinashe Musara HMU: Sophie Parrot Models: Vie, Eliot, Charlie and Marie Claire (Montage) Wardrobe: WRKDPT  

One of Those Girls

Photography: Dana Boulos Styling: Keyla Marquez Model: Braina Laviena (M Models)

Hitmaker Justin Tranter’s Top 10 Favorite Pop Songs of All Time

Having co-penned Selena Gomez’s Sultry Billboard #1, “Good For You,” LA-based hitmaker Justin Tranter has an undeniable understanding of what makes a song stick. He’s written for Kelly Clarkson, Fall Out Boy, Nicole Scherzinger, Fifth Harmony, DNCE and has recently been working with Gwen Stefani … Continued


Photography & Art Direction: Ricardo Rivera Styling: Jason Schwartz HMUA: Alexis Williams (LVA Artists) Model: Kuyan (Muse NYC)

Young Heart

Photography: Franey Miller Styling: Ashley Davis Styling Assistant: Diego Giammattei Model: Eden (New York Models)

Free Xone

Photography: Ben Beagent Styling: Charly Suggett MUA: Lucy Joan Pearson Hair: Yusuke Model: Stephanie Hall (Supreme)

From 5 to 9

Photography: Nick Thompson First Assistant: James Rawlings Second Assistant: Emy Harris Styling: Naz & Kusi (TzarKusi) MUA: Julie Jacobs Hair: Christos Kallaniotis Model: Noah Samassa

Third Eye

Photography: Wish Thanasarakhan Photo Assistant: Zane Zhou, Bryan Ho, Apiwich Bangrapimolpong Hair: Takashi Ashizawa Makeup: Trexy Ching Model: Turner Barbur (Fusion)


Photography: Parker Day Pall Mall No Nipple At All: Model: Tee Rex MUA & Styling: Eileen O’Brien Godbless America: Model: Uhura MUA & Styling: Eileen O’Brien Coco: Model, MUA & Styling: Eileen O’Brien King: Model & MUA: Sadie Pierson India … Continued

Rapper LEAF’s NYFW iPhone Diary: VFiles, Chromat and Gypsy Sport

Praised for her vicious raps and angelic vocals, 19-year-old Brooklyn-raised rapper LEAF was picked up by Fool’s Gold Records after label head A-Trak learned of her through Chromeo member Dave 1. Since then, she’s released her debut EP Magnetic Bitch, unleashing her seductive vision and … Continued

Field of Ponies

Photography & Artwork: Andy Long Hoang Styling: Maxime-Alexandre Racicot Makeup: Sophia Chau Hoang Hair: Blasian Queen Model: Internet Girl Clothing: Field of Ponies Shoes: K-Swiss

Dazed Inn

Photography: Franey Miller Styling: Sam Bates Hair: Bennett Grey Makeup: Carly Lim Models: Danielle Dorchester (Supreme) & Shamone (Muse)


Photography: Anna Bloda Model: Sussi Suss Styling: StyledByPhil Concept: Justin Moran

Salbahe Season

Photography: Anna Bloda Styling: Kyle Luu Make-up: Ashley Meyers Hair: Lizzie Arneson Model: K Rizz


Photography: Bianca Batson Styling: Isabel McMullan Model: Kirsten Kilponen Jewelry: Bianca Batson & Isabel McMullan


Photography: Franey Miller Photo Assistant: Chris Olszewski Model: Teresa Oman (Supreme) Styling: Hannah Kuessner

Boys Don’t Cry

Photography: Matthew Pandolfe Styling: Torian Lewin HMUA: Dana Rae Models: Max Von Isser (Fusion), Nate Carty (Red) & Chris Moore (Wilhelmina)