Bieber Better Start Dating Kendall Jenner

So our boy Justin Bieber is hanging with Kendall Jenner in Los Angeles. Last night the Kardashian-Jenner model spawn had a sleepover at the former pop singer turned award winning wigger’s crib, yo (so cute guys!). This is a mega-merger … Continued

Allow Us to Explain Why Anyone Would Rob Patagonia

It’s a seemingly stupid crime: a U-Haul smashed into high-end outerwear maker Patagonia’s store in San Francisco. Two men exited the vehicle and stole a shit ton of gear. Funny bloggers are calling this the most SF crime ever, and it … Continued

Multitask 7.0 This Sunday in Bushwick

Come this Sunday, January 25th 12-7pm for Multitask 7.0. The BULLETT Shop will be up and running. Dubbed an awesome post-everything market by our friends at Bedford and Bowery, check out the line-up below. Multutask is a monthly Lifestyle Function … Continued

Billy Crystal Is Sick of Gays on His Damn TV

Washed up actor Billy Crystal, whose obnoxious baseball surperfan vibe almost ruins the sport altogether, is none too impressed with having to watch gay people on his teevee. The star of City Slickers 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold and … Continued

Mostly Harmless Teenage Crime Spree Ends In a Pick-up Truck

You’ve just gotta love a good teenage crime spree. Two teeny lovers from Kentucky, who had been missing from home since January 3 after taking off on a pan-South joyride in several stolen vehicles, were arrested early this morning without incident, bringing two weeks … Continued

Mud Surface

Photographer: Asya Cetin Model: Didem Soydan Hair: Mehmet Mentes Make Up: Fezi Altun Photograper Assistant: Tess Sahara

Will We Ever Know How Big Justin Bieber’s Penis Is?!

And now for the latest in the controversy surrounding the size of Justin Bieber’s schlong. Bieber’s camp has sent a cease-and-desist letter (obtained by TMZ) to, who released the alleged un-retouched photos of the singer (featuring notably smaller bulge … Continued

LC:M AW15: Alex Mullins

Photos by Kusi Tzarkusi So excited to be covering London’s menswear  Autumn/Winter 2015 shows hungover from our bed! Alex Mullins, one of the “hottest tickets” of the week, took a bunch of boxes and a giant pink fur snake as … Continued

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are On Again Maybe

Super klutz Jennifer Lawrence and consciously uncoupled Chris Martin are dating again, apparently, maybe, according to a totally anonymous, unverified source. The source told People that “things are good between them.” Neither of the couple’s reps have confirmed this info and … Continued

R. Kelly Celebrates His Birthday in Song

Happy b-day, R. Kelly! Along with Elvis Presley and David Bowie, a Holy Trinity of crooners were born on January 8th. Like Elvis did, Kelly has a thing for (too) young women. And like Bowie, the man can dress. However … Continued

Fox News Mad Malia Obama Likes Rap Music

Fox are the only major outlet reporting that the White House is “looking into” and “investigating” this selfie of President Obama’s daughter, Malia, 16, in a Joey Bada$$ shirt. Mr. Bada$$ confirmed the photo’s authenticity, saying it came from “a friend of … Continued

Nazi Cows: It’s What’s for Dinner

By: Dominique Turek   Genetically produced Neo-Nazi cows are being turned into sausages for your consumption. Bon appetit! Does something taste off about your grandmother’s homemade meat sauce? You can blame Heinz and Lutz Heck for that. These two zoologists … Continued