Hurt Me Harder

Photographer: Christine Hahn Hair: Sean Michael Bennett (using Bumble and Bumble) MUA: Tiffany Leigh Patton (using MAC Cosmetics) Models: Kara Neko, Ronyca & Lindsay Dye Clothing: The End Lingerie (Designed by Bei Kuo)

Saxon Switzerland

Photographer: Sebastian Henkel Assistant: Ludwig Nikulski Styling: Natacha Voranger HMUA: Franziska Presche Model: Lukas Popp

Sea Glass

Photographer: Franey Miller Model: Elizabeth (State Management) HMUA: Mirna Jose Styling: Kristina E. Taylor Styling Assistants: Tanya Jean-Baptiste & Donette Low


Photography: Paul Berends (Eric Elenbaas Agency) Stylist: Kusi Kubi (Eric Elenbaas Agency) Hair & Makeup: Anouk Nijs Models: Yanniek & Alex (Republic)


Photographer: David Joseph Perez Model: Joel Mignott (Photogenics LA) Stylists: Diana Bowland & Eli Chen Grooming: Daniele Piersons

Feels Like Summer

Photography: Katrin Braga Models: Cyan Pheko (Lorde Inc.) & Jade Pattenden Creative Direction & Styling: Juliann McCandless Hair: Rempel Roquette & Tanya Sullivan Makeup: Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick Assistants: Alia Youssef & Blake Finucane Special thanks to Gravity Pop Tailored Goods and Neighbour

The Outsiders

Photographer: Amy Gwatkin Art Direction: Joseph Delaney Styling: Matt King Hair: Jonathan de Francesco Casting: Theo Spencer Models: Scott and Strong

Lost & Found Fashion at FORM Arcosanti

FORM music festival was founded by the indie-electronic band Hundred Waters in response to their experiences performing at music festivals around the globe. Although most festivals amassed large audiences, the group found that any meaningful time for collaboration and connection to … Continued

Night at Circus Disco

Photographer: Daniel Scott Stylist: Alanna Pearl Makeup: Dina Gregg Models: Jacob Bixenman & Ryan Perdew (Ford LA) Assistants: Josephine Lee & Victor Lechuga

No Sesso

Photographer: Dicko Chan Fashion: Pierre Hommes Model: Jasmine Nyende Hair: Fitch Lunar  Between Torn and Petal Scent of the rose that grew in the concrete and the burning jasmine bush behind the liquor store You are physical, goddess revealed Wise … Continued

Peep Hole

Photographer: Kove Lee Designer: Jinsol Woo of Oht Model: Sue Jeon Stylist: Sarina Moon Hair and Makeup: Bobae Lee

Sometimes a Wind Blows

Photography: Martina Keenan Styling: Jackie Ludueña Koslovitch Photography Director: Juan Pablo Rasore Photography: Assistant: Constanza Pulit Makeup: Jazmín Calcarami & Marianela (JC Agency with Maybelline NY product) Hair: Jesica Baez & Christian Di Petta (JC Agency with Alfaparf Milano products) Retouch: Carolina … Continued


Photographer: Zac Stone HMUA: Rob Povey (MAC Cosmetics) Styling & Direction: Kurt Johnson Model: Brooke Powers & Connor Cody Special thanks to dot COMME

Youth In Revolt

Photography: Mikey Asanin Lovmunkong Styling: Nista Permpoon Model: Grant Satterwhite (MSA Models) Grooming: Torraty Singanipar


Photographer: Oscar Ouk Model: Reagan Angelo (Wilhelmina Models) Stylist: Jenny Haapala Stylist Assistant: Alaina Watts Hair: Sean Bennett Makeup: Kuma

Maid in Sweden

Fashion: Josephine Bergqvist Photographer: Ninja Hanna Stylist: Nicole Walker Hair: Joe-Yves Make-up: Elva Ahlbin Models: Mia (Le Management) & Anab (Elite Models Stockholm) Art Director: Linda Hallstan “The fashion, my BA collection, reflects and revolves about the image of Sweden, … Continued


Photography: Alexandra Cabral Model: Valentina Ruby Styling: James Phlemuns Make-up: Whitney Olsen

An Exclusive Dating App to Make you Delete all the Others

If you’re anything like us, dating apps have taken over your iPhone—those not-so-secret destinations for you to religiously check in hopes that your long-awaited “perfect” match will magically unearth from a sea of questionable hopefuls. The problem with most dating … Continued