Photography: Sophie Mayanne Styling: Jessica Swanson Hair: Yuko Aoi Makeup: Andrea Gomez Anzola using Bobbi Brown Assistants: Gabriel Love & Joanna Lelejko Model: Orla (Storm)


Photography: Nicole Gomes Art Direction: Alice Ratcliff Styling: Emma Pulbrook Grooming: Hannah Williams Model: Masha (The Squad)

Kings Park

Photography: Osvaldo Ponton Styling: Olivia Weeden Grooming: Sandhya Shekar Model: Haddy (New York Model Management)


Photography: Celine Rydge Styling: Estelle Ocloo Makeup: Millie Geldard Models: Leah Gibby & Melissa Burmeister  


All clothes by Homies Wonderland Photography: Shinichi Tsutsui, Gosia Sek, Milk Models: Milk, Poster, Mahi, Kinari


Photography: David Hans Cooke Styling: Marisa Ellison Hair: Junya Nakashima Makeup: Dina Drevenak Assistant: Tiara C Mosley Model: Kid Plotnikova (Women)

Esthétique Époque

Photography: Gina Manning Styling: Michelle Veal Grooming: Bre Welch Model: Jenna (Ford)

Love is a Garden

Photography: Ludovica Arcero Styling: Aureliano Quattrone Hair: Vincenzo Panico Makeup: Daniele Peluso Production: From Studio Assistants: Gina Scarfogliero, Niccolò Campita, Lorenzo Spitoni, Riccardo Sarlo, Thomas de Lillo, Martina Azzurra Blasco, Cecilia Baviera & Ludovica Romano Models: Agos, Olga S. & … Continued


Photography: Martina Keenan Styling: Natacha Jonson Hair: Pola Amengual & Marina Skenazi (JC Agency) Makeup: Jazmín Calcarami & Juliana Giraldo (JC Agency) Photography Assistant: Pablo Álvarez Styling Assistant: Antonio Feuillebois Models: Valentina (Civiles), Sofía (JUMP), Daniela (Civiles) & Naomi


Photography: Jason Henley Styling: Jana Bartolo Hair: Shuhei Kadowaki Makeup: Chifumi Nambashi using MAC (SIGNO CO) Model: Leah Zampariolo (ZUCCA)

She Walks

Photography: Jeon Seung Videography: Adrian Wolfson Styling: Issie Gibbons Hair: Selena Middleton using Burts Bees Makeup: Yin Lee using MAC Assistant: Kathy Jung Models: Benthe (Premier), Mildred (Next), Joyjah (The Squad), Asianna (The Squad) & Georgia (Present)  

Sur Le Toit

Photography: Xiling Xu Styling & Art Direction: Jeanne Faucher Production: Benjamin Valla Hair: Barthélémy Joris Makeup: Mathilde Passeri Model: Eliza (Viva Models)

Search & Destroy

Photography: Josefina Santos Styling: Claudia Rojas & Laura Hernandez Model: Lux Phillips


Photography/Creative Direction: Alice Berg Styling: Sophie Ostrowska Hair: Yumiko Hikage Makeup: Angie Moullin Model: Juliet Searle (Oui)

Making Waves

Photography/Art Direction & Collage: Kenny Li Styling: SK Tang Grooming: Ka Ho Cheng Model: Karina Dzuba


Photography/Videography: Alessia Stranieri Styling: Simona Colandrea Grooming: Aoum Wirantita Model: Sydney Lima (Storm) FANTAZIA from BULLETT MEDIA on Vimeo.  


Photography: Kalindy Williams Styling: Jay-Dee Pitcaithly Hair: Todd Barrett Makeup: Samantha Nicholls Model: Bridie Goold (JR MGT)


Photography: Thanos Poulimenos Styling: Christina Cantisano Hair: Victoria Louise Abbott Makeup: Michelle Webb Models: Sofie (Elite) & Magda (PRM)  

Obsessed: Tatarka, the Central Asian Rihanna

Lately, the Internet has mostly functioned as the bearer of bad news and head-scratching Donald Trump tweets. But its at least managed to redeem itself with recent offerings such as the dancing Snapchat hotdog, the SFMOMA bot, and our personal … Continued