April 18, 2014

Lab experiment RiFF RaFF is one crazy cat. We know this because one time we emailed him out of nowhere asking him to be our advice columnist. He replied within minutes with: “Ok can i be on the Cover?” We said no, but he agreed to do it anyway. His answers only served to reinforce the fact that the man also known as Jody Highroller is all about having fun and being himself, no matter what. Today he uploaded a photo on Instagram of his husky, also named Jody. The before shot is above. The after shot is below. Enjoy your weekend!

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April 14, 2014

At Coachella this weekend, Kendall Jenner debuted the piercing that would launch a million pageviews when she was photographed  party hopping while sporting a massive hoop in her nose, a trend we do not think will catch on. Then, on Sunday night she decided to to give bulbs something to flash about by wearing a grey sweater that read, ‘I Have No Tits.’ Websites like The Cut and The Daily Mail devoted entire posts to it, and I spent about two hours deconstructing its semiotic significance (got nothing). But Jenner isn’t the first socialite to flaunt the sweater. None other than Paris Hilton wore it a while back, and then, like now, no one really gave a shit.


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April 10, 2014

If you’re a fan of watching super successful, insanely talented, unfairly beautiful people beam with unbridled joy, then boy do we have the video for you! Noted Spice Girls fangirl Emma Stone, deep in the weeds on her The Amazing Spider-Man 2 press tour, was surprised by a British radio station when the disc jockeys informed her that Sporty Spice herself Mel C was at her mum’s house ready to chat via Facetime. The results are a good way to waste 2 minutes of your life. Thank you Steve Jobs, for making this possible.

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March 28, 2014

If you’re not already, you should be getting pumped for Uniqlo’s upcoming #SPRZNY campaign (that’s Surprise New York for the acronym-impaired). Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple math. Uniqlo is awesome, surprises are awesome, and New York is awesome. So if you add those three together, you get triple the awesome. Awesome! The surprise includes a special, top-secret  collaboration and concept store, but before those are unveiled, your best bet is to join the virtual Lucky UNIQLO Line, where you can create an avatar and wander through a digital New York, eventually arriving at the UNIQLO flagship store on 5th Avenue. You can win prizes from Starbucks along the way, all in preparation for the store’s grand unveiling, this Friday at 10am.

The store, which will takeover the entire second floor of the Uniqlo flagship, will feature a fully operational Starbucks will have a fully operating coffee house for maximum alertness while browsing their exciting new collection of tees & outerwear and other items. And for the sake of keeping a surprise a surprise, we can’t quite divulge what this collection will entail, or how exactly UNQILO will be  uniting the worlds fashion and art, except that the video below might help fill in some of the blanks. Hopefully we’ll see you Friday when #SPRZNY is unveiled, but in the meantime, make your avatar and join us in the Lucky UNIQLO Line weaving throughout NYC, grabbing some giveaways for yourself along the way. Awesome.

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March 24, 2014

Hi everyone! This is Molly Soda! She is an artist and internet person who loves and lives online. This is her website, and this is her incredibly popular Tumblr, where she posts pictures and videos of herself and her colorful hair, and other stuff she likes. This is her Twitter account, where she is followed by more than 16,000 people, including Tavi Gevinson and Dev Hynes. Here’s that time Complex named Molly Soda “One of the Most Important Artists of 2013,” and then that other time when she was interviewed by The Verge about selling her art at an auction for lots of money. And then here’s a thing on Animal about some old photos of Molly’s that got into the hands of another artist who then used them in his show and touched off a debate about the nature of art and appropriation. Molly Soda, who is from Chicago is going to be our new advice columnist, following in the footsteps of people like Riff Raff, Fabio, and Gary Busey. She is going to be answering your questions on any topic that crosses your mind, and you can reach her here: advice@bullettmedia.com. She will help you. Have faith in Molly Soda.

How old are you?
25, flirty, and thriving.

How would you describe what you for a living?
I don’t like telling people what I “do,” I think that’s a really ridiculous question, as if what you do for money defines your worth. But basically I just play on the internet all day.

What makes you mad?
When people don’t respond to my emails fast enough.

What makes you sad?
A goofy movie makes me cry every time.

When was the last time you were truly embarrassed?
This past weekend. Do you ever wake up so hungover and full of regret because you can’t exactly remember everything you did the night before and you have to call your friends to figure out what happened and then they tell you you were promising to take boys out on dates or unbuttoning someone’s shirt at the bar?

What is your greatest shame?
One time I stuck a piece of gum in some girl’s hair at an M.I.A. concert. I still feel bad about it even if she was being kind of bitchy.

What’s the best way to get over a broken heart?
Pretend whoever broke your heart doesn’t exist, go on vacation (if you can), surround yourself with people who make you feel good, define your goals (they can be super short term) and focus on you.

Who are your role models?
Cool girls on the internet.

What was your most awkward sexual experience?
I was having sex with an ex-boyfriend for the first time and I totally queefed right at the beginning. Instead of pretending it didn’t happen I started laughing hysterically. Months later I found out that he didn’t even hear the quiff and thought I was laughing at him that night

What is your biggest insecurity?
Sometimes I’m afraid that my selfies are not an accurate representation of what I really look like and that when people meet me IRL they will think I look goofy/have a double chin/look clownish. But I also like the fact that I make a lot of crazy facial expressions when I talk, so it’s pretty irrational.

Is sex a big part of your life?
I just went celibate for a while/possibly a year at the beginning of 2014. So sex is still part of my life but my relationship with it has changed. I’ve become more hyper aware of it and how it affects my personal relationships.

What’s one thing you hope to experience one day?
I want to be able to go out to eat by myself and not feel like I need to look at my phone or read a book while I’m sitting there.

What is the saddest/happiest you’ve ever been?
I wish I could remember those extremes better. I wish there was an internal sadness/happiness barometer in my mind.

Who is your best friend?
I have a lot of besties, our levels of closeness fluctuate due to distance, and, well, life. But whenever I see them it’s like we were never apart.

What do you like to do when you’re completely alone?
Watch Disney Channel original movies on Netflix, record videos of myself singing Taylor Swift songs, attempt to do somersaults on my bed.

What’s your idea of a good time?
Jumping up and down on the bounciest, fluffiest bed ever to exist with a bottle of champagne in my hand and Blink 182 blasting on the speakers, surrounded by people I love of course

Why should we take your advice?
I’m asking the same thing. I think when people want advice they more so want an outlet to express their problems with a situation and someone to totally listen to that with no judgement and honestly and sincerely tell them what they think. Whether or not they take the advice is sometimes irrelevant.

Photography by Anna Bloda.

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March 24, 2014

The Black Keys have always struck me as unworthy act to headline, say, Coachella, which they’ve done. Not because they don’t make good music—they do—but because their songs often don’t feel big enough. Case in point “Fever,” their first single in three years that just hit the web today. It’s off their upcoming album, Turn Blue, which hits shelves on May 13 (you can see the cover art above) and it’s a good, hard-driven slice of rock, it’s just not a world-beater. Listen below!

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March 20, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 promotional juggernaut has just kicked off in Australia, and it already has its first viral moment. Good news for Sony, as we all know shareable, digestible, and ultimately forgettable content translates into big box-office bucks. Anyway, Emma Stone, who plays love interest Gwen Stacy in the movie, was being interviewed on an Australian radio show when the hosts surprised her with a special message from Mel B, known in a former life as Scary Spice. Stone, who’s a huge Spice Girls fan, had a mini on-camera freakout that included tears and general adorableness. Eventually, Mel B asks Stone to sing something from the Spice Girls catalogue, and you can watch what happens below.

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March 17, 2014

The last time we caught up with Rush Midnight, the solo project of former Twin Shadow bassist Russ Manning, he had just put out his debut EP +1, a string of unbearably danceable ’80s-inluenced pop. Now Manning, a Brooklyn-based,  classically trained Jazz musician, is readying the release of his debut LP this May on Last Gang Records, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the record’s first single, “Closer,” right here. It’s a slinky, exuberant number that uses a disco bassline to support Manning’s airy vocals, and you can listen to it below.

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March 14, 2014

One of Jimmy Kimmel’s consistently viral bits is Lie Witness News, in which a correspondent hits the street to basically shame members of a certain subculture for being fake-ass bitches. (Watch him skewer New York Fashion Weekers here.) Last night Kimmel, who’s kind of a bully and has been broadcasting from Austin for the week, aired the latest version, a no-brainer yet brilliant attempt at exposing the SXSW hive for being phonies when it comes to being down with the next big thing. Have a laugh at other people’s expense below.

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