Photography: Ivona Chrzastek Styling: Naz & Kusi Make-up: Martina Lattanzi (One Represents, using Chanel SS ’15 and Chanel Body) Hair: Antonio De Luca, using Bumble & Bumble Model : Charlotte Tomas (Storm Models) “Frantic” was photographed at Thamesmead, a district of … Continued


Photography: Guido Martiriani Makeup: Maddalena Brando Wardrobe: Kim Shui Model: Agata Golecka (POP Models Milano)


Photography: ​Paley Fairman Styling: ​Keyla Marquez ­ Model: ​Xander Tran (Wilhelmina LA)


Photography: Maya Fuhr Model: Logan Jackson Styling: Anastasia Patellis

In Love With Color

Photography/Creative Direction/Makeup: Palma Wright Model/Creative Direction: Chloe Norgaard Hair: Sal Salcedo Videographer: Jason Miller  


Photography: Alexandra Von Fuerst Styling: Catharina Gerekos Model: Marlene Pina HMUA: Katharina Seel All clothes by Catharina Gerekos


Photography: Marcelo Cantu Model: Violet Chachki, Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season Seven)

Square Cash Makes Money Sharing Painless

You arrive at a club when the doorman demands “ten dollars,” followed by the prehistoric dictate, “cash only.” Caught off guard, you reach for your purse and realize you’re a few bills short, so your friend spots your cover charge … Continued

Fabricated Nudity

Photography: Benjamin Langford Styling: Jake Levy HMUA: Meredith Menchel Models: Dick Wagner & Marc Armitano Domingo Styling Assistant: Matt Homes

Easy Breezy

Photography: Dalong Yang Styling: Mitch McGuire Styling Assistant: David Siferd HMUA: Ludie Senatus Models: Alexander Singer, Jacqueline Chang, Kyle Bergamo & Stephanie Flor


Photography: Sunny Shokrae Styling: Nick Lugoviña Makeup: Ren Nobuko Hair: Andrea Donoghue Model: Lera K (APM)


Photography: Franey Miller Photo Assistant: Price Stone Model: Irina (Muse) Styling: Hannah Kuessner

Collage With Caris, Fine Dining Meets Fine Art

Planning a special occasion can be tricky. Whether it’s your bestie’s big 30 or your sister’s bachelorette, New York City has an abundance of overpriced activities and cheesy theater troupes that will stop at nothing to snatch that money and … Continued


Model: Nate Carty Styling: Rosco Spears Makeup: Cassandra Ward Photography: Bre’Ann White Head Pieces: Augusto Manzanares