TK Anderson x NOE Garments

Photography: TK Anderson Makeup: Melissa Abad Model: Braina Laviena (Wilhelmina LA) Photographer TK Anderson (A.K.A. “Teek the Sneak”) was hunting for garments that balanced structure and motion, while allowing the model to openly explore her sexuality. This is where California brand NOE came … Continued

Power Play

Photography: Brandon Mercer Styling: Julien Alleyne Make-Up: Kento Utsubo Hair: Paul Venoit Model: Kyle Crain (Soul) Model: Reid Rohling (Fusion) Model: Mike Winchester (Fusion) Model: Isaac Weber (New York Models) Photo Assistant: Jason Wang Special thanks to Katharine Gray

NYFW AW ’15: It Baby Debuts New Wang

It’s only fitting that fashion’s newest and youngest “It Baby,” North West, would be the first to debut Alexander Wang’s AW ’15 look. Attending the show with Kimye, North West wore an all black custom Wang bomber jacket and a … Continued

Cailin Russo Is Diane

Photographer: Todd Pendu Model: Cailin Russo (Newmark Models) Stylist: Georgia Mitropoulos MUA: Caitlin Wooters Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi Clothing: The Society of Vintage Panther Choker: Versace Leather Harnesses: Zana Bayne Mannequin “Simone” wears Zana Bayne “Bullet Bustier”

The Waiting Room

Photography + Set: Will Turner & Tate Snidal Stylist: Sabrina Deslauriers @ L’Eloi MUA: Lily Smith @ Folio Montreal Model: Eva @ Folio Montreal Stylist Assistant: Samuel Fournier Photography Assistant: Sarah Odriscoll