Video Premiere: Alex Calder’s “Lola”

As we wrote last month, Alex Calder got his start in Canada’s great North, as the drummer for Edmonton’s lo-fi psychedelic outfit, Makeout Videotape. That band’s lead singer, Mac DeMarco, parlayed the intrigue surrounding his band into a successful solo … Continued

Why YACHT Is One of the Most Innovative Acts in Music

Ever since they released their fifth album Shangri-La in 2011, YACHT have been quietly changing the ways in which we interact with music. The LA-based band take a multimedia approach to releasing singles, creating microsites, apps and even user-generated merchandise … Continued

This Goes Out to Ebola!

In case you didn’t hear, Ebola has landed in New York City. Great. Just fucking great. Anyway, welcome to New York you piece of shit. Here’s a song for you.

9 Actresses On Growing Older in Hollywood

With the controversy over Renee Zellweger’s new look—which the 45-year-old actress eloquently put to bed this morning—some people have been revisiting how Hollywood treats its aging actresses, and the toll that takes on them psychologically. It’s no secret that as … Continued