ASAP Ferg in New York

Last Thursday our friends at Up&Down relaunched DUH, the weekly anything goes throwback-to-when-NYC-was-the-nightlife-capital-of-the-world mega-party, with a performance by ASAP Ferg. Sadly, the prior Sunday ASAP Mob founder ASAP Yams had passed away. The party had a solemn yet celebratory feel. This … Continued

Premier: Her Habits flirty ‘Dolla Sign’

Her Habits is the new project from Canadian singer/songwriter Joanie Wolkoff and producer Sanford Livingston. Wolkoff grew up in Toronto and moved out on her own at 16, modeling in Tokyo and lived in Paris. Eventually she wound up working … Continued


Could you imagine sitting through a Fall Out Boy, Wiz Khawhatever show? Plus opening act Hoodie Allen. Just look at that poster. BULLETT will PAY YOU to go this concerto and tell us how close it was to Dante’s nine … Continued

RIP Robert Stone: 3 Underrated Books

Author Robert Stone died this weekend at 77. Stone was one of the few American writers who addressed America’s empirical politics in his novels, alongside Don Delillo, Joan Didion, Norman Mailer (RIP) and a handful of others. Most people could … Continued

Duel Sieges in Paris End and 5 Reasons Jihadists are Cowards

Police in Paris launchd two raids this afternoon that killed the two brothers who attacked satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday. The brothers murdered 12 unarmed journalists and civilians. A second raid at a Kosher supermarket where accomplices were holding hostage ended with the captors’ … Continued

Pussy Jihadists Attack French Satirical Paper

A horrifying attack on Paris-based satirical magazine Charlie Hebo has left 12 dead. The attackers, using assault rifles and dressed for war, stormed the magazines offices and claimed they were Al Qaeda, a bloody reminder that ISIS are not the only players … Continued

Rihanna Leaks New Song ‘World Peace’

While Rihanna and her boobs were on vacation with Leonardo DiCaprio, Diddy and New York club owner Richie Akiva in St. Barts, she seems to have dropped a new song. And it’s a cover of the Cro Mags’ 1986 New … Continued

NYPD Ignores Bratton, Turns Backs on Mayor Again

This morning at the funeral for slain detective Wen Liu, officers once again turned their backs to Mayor de Blasio. Marking the fourth public occasion where the New York Police Department have protested since Liu and his partner Rafeal Ramos … Continued

NYPD Stops Arresting Criminals

New York police need to show some respect for authority. In the middle of a national crisis over our criminal justice system–one so unfair even the right-leaning Economist came down against America’s aggressive policing–the NYPD are acting like little babies. Yes, … Continued