Speeding BULLETTs: @princessgollum IRL

Photography: Anna Bloda Styling: Chloe & Chenelle Degadillo Hair: Sylvia Wheeler Makeup: Mikayla Gottlieb You’ve definitely seen @princessgollum on your newsfeed. Over the last few years, the 24-year-old model-turned-DJ has become a bonafide internet star, walking runways for Gypsy Sport … Continued

Studio Visit: Hot Cheetos & Takis with EriDan

Photography: Kathleen O’Neill EriDan’s Soho studio is like a manic dream. Primary colors and popular slogans mix with enlarged bodega receipts and 5-foot reproductions of those “Thank you, thank you, thank you” takeout bags. In the center of the storm … Continued