Melania Trump Doubles Down on the Pussybow

While we were distracted by Donald Trump’s questionable use of language at last night’s debate (“hombre,” “nasty” and “big league” being among his choice words), Melania Trump quietly wore yet another pussy bow. Either this is genuinely this woman’s favorite neckline … Continued

Frank Ocean Might Have Ghosted on the Grammys

Despite the fact that Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated Blonde was totally worth the wait, it won’t be winning any Grammys in 2017. But it’s a goddamn masterpiece, you say. But it was totally released before the September 30th cutoff date, you say. … Continued

Bob Dylan Ghosts the Nobel Prize Committee

While many Bob Dylan fans and fans of not actually reading books are rejoicing about the 75-year-old becoming the first musician to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, there’s one man who doesn’t appear to be all that enthused: … Continued