Justin Bieber Quits Instagram

This is not a drill. So if you spent any time on celeb gossip sites yesterday (i.e. any news outlet) you probably read about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and their Instagram comments feud. What happened was Justin posted a … Continued

Katy Perry Designs Shoes Now Too, I Guess

At this point it’s a goddamn right of passage for popular musicians to design shoes—Rihanna, Kanye and even Zayn Malick have taken the plunge and now Katy Perry is hopping on the bandwagon. Shoes are the new metal-inspired tour merch, … Continued

Zayn Malik is a Shoe Designer Now I Guess

As far as I’m concerned, the only pop star that’s allowed to do a shoe collaboration is Rihanna, but apparently Giuseppe Zanotti never got that memo, because here he is doing a collaboration with Zayn Malik. What the actual fuck? … Continued