LCD Soundsystem is Not Reuniting ‘You Fucking Morons’

LCD Soundsystem will not be reuniting in 2016, despite a powerful rumor started by numerous sources and picked up by several outlets including Billboard and Consequence of Sound. The latter says the rumor is “confirmed” because DFA, James Murphy’s label, retweeted their unsubstantiated … Continued

At Last, The Dildo Selfie Stick is Here

We’ve seen selfie shoes and selfie aerobics, so let’s face it, a dildo selfie stick was inevitable. Now it’s only a matter of time before O faces are trending on Instagram and we can all give up because the human race … Continued

Guys, Amber Rose is a Feminist Now

Slut-shaming is as old as time and few have experienced it more brutally or publicly than Amber Rose, a woman best known for the guys she’s had sex with. Now Rose is claiming ownership of the derogatory labels used to define … Continued

This Year’s Five Movies to Cry To

I’m a pretty heartless person, so when I found myself weeping in a theatre for the fifth time this year, I figured it warranted a list. Everyone needs a good cry, and crying over the plight of fictional characters totally beats crying … Continued