Someone Stole $200K in Jewels from Kendall Jenner

The Kardashians just keep getting robbed. Perhaps it’s an unpleasant side effect of constantly flaunting your wealth on television and social media. Anyway, the latest sister to have her jewels plundered is Kendall Jenner. Luckily the details are significantly less horrifying … Continued

This Futuristic Vibrator Was Spying on Its Users

While everyone was busy pointing fingers at Google’s super spy, Alexa, another piece of technology was quietly gathering information on unsuspecting consumers: the vibrator. That’s right, folks, the We-Vibe vibrator, which can pair with an app for remote-controlled use, has … Continued

Multi-Hyphenate Cara Delevingne Wrote a Novel

Cara Delevingne just added another line item to her ever expanding resume: novelist. The actress/activist/sometimes model took to Instagram to promote her first book, Mirror, Mirror, to her 38.2 Million followers. Fittingly, Delevingne’s book is a YA romp which she describes as a “twisty … Continued