Charlotte Cory’s World of British Whimsy

Charlotte Cory is a Renaissance woman in every sense of the phrase. The London based artist moonlights as a novelist, designer, playwright, photographer, PhD in Medieval Literature and even a BBC Radio personality. Cory is perhaps best known for her … Continued

15 Moments in Manic Pixie Dream Girl History

You love to hate them. You hate to love them. But they are everywhere, breaking hearts with their quirkiness and crazy antics. Here’s some of the best Manic Pixie Dream Girls throughout movie history.

Artist on the Rise: Norway’s Heyerdahl

Heyerdahl is what happened when four seasoned Norwegian indie veterans came together to record no-nonsense pop music in a lighthouse turned studio (yes, a real lighthouse.) Their first single ‘Mirage’ features infectious synth melodies and reverby lyrics symptomatic of the … Continued

Band to Watch: Norway’s Philco Fiction

At first, Philco Fiction seems like any Scandinavian pop dispatched overseas for glassy-eyed night crawlers, until you discover its nuances. Dreamy electronic arrangements, endearing yet melancholy lyrics, and beat-dropping catharsis, result in the purest form of pop. The Oslo trio just … Continued