Gorillaz Are Back, For Real This Time

For months, Gorillaz have been teasing us, hinting at their seriously anticipated new album. Noodle made a feminist-inspired playlist, we got background info on the ever-elusive cartoon members and they even dropped “Hallelujah Money,” just in time for the Inauguration. … Continued

‘Spring Breakers’ is Coming to TV, Sort Of

If every time you hear the word ‘spring,’ you get that Skrillex song stuck in your head—you’re not alone. Ever since Harmony Korine’s 2014 masterpiece (and yes, I said masterpiece), it’s impossible not to. If for some reason you’ve been … Continued

Big Surprise: Morrissey is an Asshole

Today is a big day in history. It seems the rest of the world has finally caught on to the one thing I’ve known forever: Morrissey sucks. Though I 100% believe that statement requires zero explanation, there are nevertheless, people … Continued

Bernhard Willhelm Crafts Armor for the End of the World

Photography: Alcibiade Cohen Styling: Iris Gonzales Hair: Quentin Guyen Makeup: Emilie Peltier Models: Fatou D (Contrebande) & Daria Anisimova (Mademoiselle) Shoes: Bernhard Willhelm & Camper “Maybe fashion is the last adventure of humanity,” sighs Bernhard Willhelm, reflecting on his role … Continued

Each x Other Marries Artistry & Wearability for AW ’17

Photography: Jessica Gwyneth Sculpture was the theme at Each x Other’s Fall ’17 presentation, from the literal interpretation of Robert Montgomery’s poem, to the exceptional tailoring. But there’s also something inherently cool behind designer Ilan Delouis and Jenny Mannerheim’s aesthetic, … Continued

Meet Aristophanes, Hip-Hop’s New Feminist MC

Illustration: Russell Taysom Taiwanese rapper and frequent Grimes collaborator, Aristophanes, is in a league of her own. If you can’t figure her out, you’re not alone—her rapturous mix of bubblegum lyrics, Gabriel García Márquez quotes and transcendent beats, has made … Continued