The Extended Interview with Musician Gazelle Twin

You were classically trained? I was–but I don’t know if I’d quite call it that. I went through a pretty standard music education and literacy because I wanted to study composition originally. I wanted to study properly and understand how to … Continued

Michael Shannon Gets Cosmic with BULLETT TV

We’ve always harbored a not-so-secret obsession for actor Michael Shannon, and with Shannon Season fast approaching, it’s obvious we’re not the only ones. This fall, we’ll be enrapt by his baby-mama drama (with BULLETT babe Paz de la Huerta) as he reprises … Continued

Patrick Wolf Performs at Le Poisson Rouge in New York

Saturday at Le Poisson Rouge was an intimate night of razzle-dazzle and glamour, two things we’ve come to expect from a Patrick Wolf performance—especially when his opening act is the inimitable Justin Vivian Bond. First, let’s discuss Justin, a gender-free performance … Continued

Actor Michael Shannon Braces for the Rapture

It’s almost apocalyptic, the sickly sky and the on-cue cacophony of construction. The weight of bulky chains clank and grate against the cement floor as workers heave-ho through what suddenly seems an obtrusive hallway. As Michael Shannon and I sit … Continued

Behind the Scenes of HBO’s ‘Bored to Death’

On a sunny afternoon in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, writer-creator Jonathan Ames and lead actor Jason Schwartzman took BULLETT behind the scenes of HBO’s Bored to Death, where, together, they spend their days being Jonathan Ames. I: FRIENDSHIP JONATHAN AMES: … Continued

John Waters

BULLETT sits down with director John Waters to discuss the meaning of “cult”, plot vs. dialogue, and the misuse of Youtube. Soundbites: “I hate jokes, especially long ones.” “I never ask myself if I have the nerve to do anything, … Continued

Skins U.S. Cancelled

So long, MTV version of Skins… The audience has spoken. The latest MTV show to get the boot is based off of the very popular and controversial UK teen drama, surrounding young adults juggling life’s problems— family, friends, sex, and … Continued

We Saw It: Melancholia

It is often silence that speaks the loudest—there are legions of people who purposely run from it, unwilling to confront what lies within it. Bodies shift and squirm, brains go blank or race, fingers curl and palms sweat. An undefined … Continued

Tom Felton

An official sneak peek of BULLETT's Summer Issue through the eyes of Harry Potter's resident villain.