If You’re Happy About Gawker Going Under, This is the Company You Keep


If You’re Happy About Gawker Going Under, This is the Company You Keep


Gawker Media has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today, and have entered into an asset purchase agreement with Ziff Davis. Read more about what that may mean for the future of the company here.

There has been much gloating online over the news, almost exclusively from the worst people. Seriously, catalogue a list of the most odious types you can imagine — Gamer Gate babies, MRAs, Buzzfeed dorks, Tech turds, Redditors, Beltway puds — and they’re all reveling in the news. There’s an old saying about how you can only judge someone based on the quality of their enemies. In the case of Gawker, who, yes, yes, have made some mistakes over the years, a pretty good indicator of how necessary they have actually been is their long list of pig-fucking adversaries. Most of them have made themselves known again today. Here is a small sampling below. If you’re happy about Gawker going under, this is the company you keep.


Anne Coulter

Infamous plagiarist Buzzfeed Benny

Erick Erickson


This piece of shit

This fucking guy

This gun nut


Former New York Post editor Col Allan


Dinesh D’Souza

This con artist and meme lover


This guy

This guy

This potato shaped sex tourist

Whoever this turd is

This guy


Louise Mensch

MRA douches

Sanctimonious journalists

This fucking guy

And this one

Guys who look like this


Bad takes bros from the Federalist

More Gamers

And guys like this

Jesus Christ, this dude too, I should’ve guessed

American nationalists

And Chuck Klosterman? Well, didn’t see that one coming tbh, but OK.