November 19, 2012

I don’t know how memes begin; I suspect that somewhere in the country, there exists a grimy basement where Ben Huh is holed up with a year’s supply of Mountain Dew and Cheetos, sitting in front of 20 concurrently running computer monitors and cross-referencing his observations with Google Trends. If that’s not true, then I hope that some enterprising Internet maven could figure a way to meme-ify this very short clip of Terrence Malick, the reclusive genius behind Days of Heaven and The Tree of Life et al, dancing at some Texas bar; I can’t really explain why, but I’ve watched this about a dozen times in a row. Is it the cowpoke music? The sweet way Malick holds his wife/friend/stranger at a comfortable arm’s length? I do not know. But watch, and watch again, and watch some more; for the record, that’s the second goofy sighting of Malick this year, following the time TMZ caught him on tape and didn’t even realize it. Internet, do your thing.

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