January 17, 2013

Selena Gomez shaking off the last vestiges of her goody goody Disney self? James Franco doing a Riff Raff impersonation, only if Riff Raff owned a lot of machine guns and wasn’t shy about firing them? (Maybe this is also true of the real Riff Raff, I don’t know.) Harmony Korine making an honest-to-blog crossover movie, the type advertised on MTV instead of a million indie movie blogs nobody reads? Motherfucking Gucci Mane, for some reason? Weirdly sexual, sexually weird exploration of hedonistic spring break culture? Unintentional Pussy Riot homages? Money, guns, bi-curiousness, yachts, top-down drives through the dark, Skrillex soundtrack? I think I mentioned Gucci Mane already, but I’ll do it again.

In case you doubted whether Korine would hold back on directing Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens given their pasts, let there be no doubt after the trailer. “Disney was my life, and in a way, it’s all I knew, so once that ended, I definitely think it was good for me to go to an extreme like this,” Gomez told MTV. “That’s what was so liberating about it. I felt so safe with Harmony, and I felt so safe with the girls. I was really able to push myself to places even I didn’t know I could go. It was great.” Count us in. It’s out on March 22.

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