January 11, 2013

This is what’s up: Destiny’s Child isn’t content to simply engineer a wave of nostalgia for their immaculate run of late ’90s pop hits by reuniting to release a new song in a future compilation album, but are actually going to take the halftime stage at the Super Bowl next month for their first performance since 2006. According to sources, they’ll probably play “Nuclear,” the new song, along with a medley of the best known DC songs—or at least the ones appropriate enough for national broadcast. (So, not the line in “Soldier” about the dude who’s “known to carry big things, if you know what [they] mean.”) As a sometimes sportswriter (whoops, I’ve given away my secret), I admit being a little annoyed when people claim they only watch the Super Bowl for the ads, which seems like such a cynical, corporately-influenced reason to be alive. But chiming in just to watch Bey, Kelly and Michelle rip through “Say My Name” or “Bootylicious” is a perfectly okay thing to do, incase you’re looking for blogger validation; go ahead, pay attention even though you don’t know what a first down is, and just remember the way things used to be. The Super Bowl is on February 3.

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