December 6, 2012

East Village gallery Ed. Varie is known as a vital anchor for the best emerging artists, delivering new talent to Manhattan’s oft-impenetrable art community. They found their latest catch in Bushwick, where artists Caedron Burchfield and Chase Chivers work out of a shared studio in the backyard of an apartment building. Now through January 6th, Burchfield and Chivers will exhibit the fruits of their backyard labor in the exhibition Work and Painting.

The exhibition will feature a collection of painting, drawing and sculpture inspired by the convolution of the artists’ vocations and aesthetic expression. Burchfield and Chivers pay the bills as sign painters and framers, blurring the line between painting for work and painting for pleasure. Originally from Reno, their work evokes the landscape of deserts and highways. Take the piece “Anytime,” that features its title in retro lettering amongst a backdrop of color gradients, like a billboard or roadside diner you catch a glimpse of on the Interstate.

Burchfield and Chivers work collaboratively to the point where Work and Painting creates a new meaning for collaborative. Each artist imposes his separate vision on each piece, enhancing, eliminating and altering each other’s work. It results in layers you can see – “Golden Triangle” features coats of acrylic, enamel and gold dust that create a rippling, deserty effect reminiscent of the artists’ arid Reno roots.

The show also features a series of found object displays that look like an R-rated version of I Spy. Some findings include an empty bottle of bourbon, an IHOP sugar packet, and an envelope labeled “happy pussy” with a drawing of the latter looking very pleased. It’s one part collage the other anthropological study.

Go spy for yourself at Ed. Varie Gallery 618 E. 9th Street, Dec. – Jan. 6th. Check the website for gallery hours.

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