Wonderfully Misguided Woman Claims to be Jay-Z’s Sister on Evening News

Sometimes, there’s not too much you can say about a likely-to-go-”viral” video, whatever “viral” means in 2012 with everything so quickly spammed and so quickly to be designated as a buzzy, meme-y piece of work. You just sort of have to deliver the goods, step back, and let others make of it what they will.

So, here we go: Gawker brings us a video of a woman on the evening NBC4 New York news, gleefully creeping up from behind and stepping into the frame of the ongoing segment — something about the LIRR, I guess — to loudly proclaim her sisterly relationship with Jay-Z, which I’m guessing is not true. Watch it, and watch it again, and watch it some more because it’s funny, short, and sort of insane — all the things you want to consume on a Friday before hitting the down. Merry pre-pre-Christmas weekend, everyone.