December 17, 2012

Winona Ryder, Tim Burton, and The Killers all come together in a game I like to call “pasty goth-boner bingo” in this video for the band’s “Here With Me.”  One look at the super creepy child-man in the cut and it’s clear that this is a Tim Burton work. But enough about The Killers Brandon Flowers, folks, there’s also the young actor who falls in love with Winona Ryder in the video too. You can’t really blame him though, she looks great even with a bald head and a candle sticking out of the top. Maybe that’s just a decade plus of residual pants-angst leftover for me though.

The clip, as Burton explained on the band’s  website (via Rolling Stone)  was inspired by the first time he saw the band play in Blackpool, UK.  “When I heard the song ‘Here With Me’ I remembered seeing a wax figure of Winona in Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks in Blackpool. The concept of the video is inspired by the 1935 film Mad Love, starring Peter Lorre, as well as the works of Mario Bava.”

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