Who’s Feeling the Fall Out from the Newtown Shooting?


Who’s Feeling the Fall Out from the Newtown Shooting?

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With news today that the Discovery Channel will no longer air two gun-themed programs, American Guns and Ten Nugent’s Gun Country, the list of people effected by the tragedy in Newtown is growing. To keep you updated, here is that list:

Foster the People have had their song “Pumped Up Kicks” removed from the playlists of a number of radio stations, (about time anyway).

Ke$ha has also had to deal with her hit song “Die Young” dying young in terms of what would have otherwise likely been nationwide ubiquity.

The Oxford English Dictionary were forced to apologize after outrage over their choice of the word “bloodbath” as the word of the day soon after Newtown.

A restaurant in Austin was driven to close after its owner expressed some controversial trueisms about the state of violence and race in the country.

TLC has postponed the airing of something called “Best Funeral Ever,” which, I think we can all agree is a blessing for everyone concerned, all things considered.

Violent video games have, once again, come under close scrutiny.

Not effected:

Sturm, Ruger & Company

The Freedom Group

Sig Sauer

Smith & Wesson

“The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn. has sparked a surge in gun sales, according to independent arms dealers across the nation.” via