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Which New York Art Shows to Check Out This Weekend

Art & Design

Which New York Art Shows to Check Out This Weekend

Valerie Hegarty
Valentin Carron
Judy Natal

Blue-chip stalwart Marlborough opens “Altered States” at its Chelsea location. We’re especially looking forward to Valerie Hegarty’s show of installation, sculpture and painting which promises to relate a 1978 sci-fi novel by Paddy Chayefsk about psychological experiments that cause mutations to the current American political climate.

Thursday, April 5th
Valerie Hegarty: “Altered States”
Marlborough Gallery
545 West 25th street
6 – 8 pm

This gallery shows out of an apartment that overlooks the West Side highway, which is small and invariably packed. Expect to see some work by names that you might not recognize now, but will soon.

Anicka Yi, Grayson Revoir, Greg Fong, Ian Cheng, Nick Parker, Sam
Anderson, Trisha Baga: “You Told Me the Other Night”
West Street Gallery
395 West Street, Suite 2
7 – 9 pm

Sperone Westwater opens three shows tonight in its expansive downtown space. One painter (Kim Dingle), one graphic artist (Martin Wilner), and one sculptor (Peter Shelton). The multi-level melee should hold your attention but if not, run next door to the New Museum, open until 9 on Thursdays, with free admission.

Kim Dingle: “still lives”
Martin Wilner: “Making History 2010-2011”
Peter Shelton: “powerhousefrenchtablenecklaces
Sperone Westwater
257 Bowery
6 – 8 pm

Saturday night’s opening will encourage “a more personalized or even claustrophobic viewing experience,” and will have as its focal point a polystyrene cube that has been rolled down a hill because, apparently, Michaelangelo once said that that is how to determine the quality of a sculpture. This is probably worth seeing.

Friday, April 6th
Valentin Carron: “‘The dirty grey cube (you) turns around sadly and
screams at us (he), “ca-tarac-ta.”’”
303 Gallery
547 West 21st Street
6 – 8 pm

For this show, Gresham’s Ghost—a nomadic gallery directed by artist Ajay Kurian that has worked with such art world notables as Bob Nickas and Liam Gillick—will inhabit the Jack Hanley in Tribeca. The opening will share the space with the launch of Shifter magazine’s 18th issue.

Saturday, April 7th
Buster Graybill, Corin Hewitt, David Brooks, David Cordero, Josh
Tonsfeldt, Judy Natal, Lindsay Benedict & Roberto Fassone:
“Prolegomena” curated by Gresham’s Ghost
Jack Hanley Gallery
136 Watts Street
6 – 8 pm

Charlotte Becket, maker of bulky  sculptures that look like someone crystallized a John Chamberlain, opens at ruSalon, another apartment-based gallery in Greenpoint. The perfect start for a Saturday night.

Charlotte Becket: “Infinitas Via”
629 Leonard St, #2, Greenpoint
6 – 8 pm