February 21, 2013

Quick, picture in your mind, say, a person in Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi, or Alabama. What are they doing right now? They’re at Walmart, obviously. Oklahomans are at the state fair, natch, while Kansasians (?) are at McDonald’s (fat asses). New Yorkers are riding the subway (and probably being rude to each other) and Californians are working out. (So superficial!)

One thing we all have in common, in this vast country of Walmarts and subways and subways you take to Walmart, is that we’re all desperately looking for someone to share our lonely existence with. You could probably just go ahead and assume that about everyone, everywhere throughout the entirety of history and geography. The findings of a new study published in Psychology Today (via) collected data on Missed Connection posts on Craigslist to determine where the most frequent occurrence of existential dread/horniness took hold of our bleak solo voyages through the void. The findings, while not, you know, rigorously scientific or anything, which certainly doesn’t stop people in the internet from writing about things like this anyway, are pretty funny. Idaho, it turns out, is the least gay state, while Hawaii has the most men looking for me (Obama, am I right?).

The state with the most frequent missed connections over all? Depression.

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