December 10, 2012

With the “12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief” set to take place at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, there’s been a mad scramble for tickets (and jokes). The star-studded event, featuring performances from the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and more, is naturally a high demand ticket, so people, being the venal, shiftless sacks of shit that they are, are marking them up for huge profits on resale sites like StubHub. Senator Chuck Schumer was among those outraged by the news of this abdignation of goodwill toward our fellow man and so forth, saying last week:

“I find it appalling that scalpers are trying to profit off this charitable concert,” Schumer wrote to StubHub and TicketLiquidator. The senator called on the resale sites to stop listing tickets for the concert at prices above the face value of the ducat “unless that person is willing to donate all money from its sale.” NY Daily News.

The face value of the tickets are between $150-2,500, but some are being sold for as much as $50k-60. StubHub, for their part, have said they are donating their cut of the resales, about 25%, to the Robin Hood Relief Fund, so maybe that gets them off the hook. After all, people are going to sell them somewhere anyway, right?

It could be worse still, I suppose. The only thing I can think of more egregious than someone selling a ticket to a charity concert and pocketing tens of thousands of dollars in profit instead of directing the funds to charity would be someone who has that much money to waste on the ticket buying one in the first place. No one in the world needs to see the fucking Rolling Stones that badly, you wasteful piece of filth.

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