Let’s Play Guess the Title of Kanye West’s New Album!


Let’s Play Guess the Title of Kanye West’s New Album!


Kanye West maybe has a new album coming out on June 18, per a cryptic Tweet sent from his account earlier this morning and some unsubstantiated reports from rap industry knowhards who’ve slowly pieced together the specifics of what his first solo effort in 3 years would sound like. Collaborations with stars like Daft Punk, The-Dream, Azealia Banks and Chief Keef are rumored features, and it’ll be his first post-Kardashian record—meaning we’re likely to see as much musical excess as can possibly be ladled on top of his already ornate sensibilities. But what will the record be called? There are so many possibilities, and being that ‘Ye is the most untethered pop superstar since bald Britney Spears, nothing’s out of the question. A few ideas I had:

I Hit It Last

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Twitter Account

I Am God (maybe!)

Juneteenth (only in dreams, probably)

Bad Bitch Wrangler

The Dark Knight Strikes Back

I Headlined Bonnaroo & All I Got Was Half a Million Dollars

I Invented A Time Machine So I Could Hit It First, Eat It Ray J

I’m Naming My Son Something Stupid And You Can’t Do Anything About It

Kanye & Kim Welcome North West Into the World

I Have So Many Friends (But They Can’t Cure My Crippling Feelings of Inadequacy)

Do You Have Daft Punk On Speed-Dial? No? Shut The Fuck Up, Then

I Am Lonely