What These 8 Celebrities Would Really Look Like If They Were People


What These 8 Celebrities Would Really Look Like If They Were People


Every day we’re barraged by images in the media of perfect-seeming celebrities, but did you know that many of the photos we see are actually manipulated in order to make them appear more perfect than they actually are? The truth is, celebrities are just like you and me: they put their pants on one leg at a time, hate their family and friends only slightly less than they hate themselves, and will all eventually crumble into nothingness. In the meantime, that doesn’t mean we can’t make ourselves feel a little better by taking a gander at what some of our favorite celebs might look like if they were real.

Dominique Charriau


Brad and Angelina might seem like the perfect couple from afar, but if you look closer here, she’s actually hiding a big fat stomach under that dress. Green is slimming, they say, but when you cut through the bullshit, and look with a discerning eye, it’s a nice reminder that even the rich and beautiful love to eat bread all day and night just like us.




We all know Kim and Yeezy from the pages of popular tabloid magazines and also from our computer magazines, but did you know that ‘Ye is actually an extraordinarily muscular athlete? He doesn’t want people to know that, so he usually appears in public with his shirt on and a vest of some sort. Can’t put one over on us though.




An even better kept secret is that Rihanna’s father was actually half crocodile, which is where she got the popular pseudonym she uses on record, ‘Ol Lizard Tubs McGoo.




Popular country and western star Sheryl Crow isn’t actually a blonde, but she sometimes steps out with false hair color. Open your eyes people.




Beyonce is actually a Pepsi can. 7 hours a day she spends getting styled before going out of the house. And you thought being a celebrity was easy? Think again.


empty vessel III


Pour anything you want into Miley Cyrus when she’s just chilling around the house.




Nice try, Skeleton Horse Comedian, but you got busted this time.




No one will cover this in the media, but before the Photoshop job, President Obama is a young black man from Kenya who smokes cocaine cigarettes.