What My Dad Thinks About Miley Cyrus: A GChat Conversation


What My Dad Thinks About Miley Cyrus: A GChat Conversation


A little context before we begin. First off, yes, we’re still talking about Miley Cyrus and the fallout from her VMAs performance. Today is the last day, promise. Also, I GChat with my father on a daily basis, usually about politics, movies, whatever. He’s what they call “right wing,” watches a lot of Fox News, and is fairly conservative when it comes to his understanding of current popular culture. He’s feverishly anti-hip-hop, and refuses to acknowledge that someone like Kanye West has any talent whatsoever. He has a 10-year-old niece, Maya, who he’s very close to, and who is completely obsessed with Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. He’s told me in the past that this disturbs him.

Dad:  what do you say about mileys performance ?
pretty outrageous stuff

me:  haha
what does Maya say about it

Dad:  when I think that Maya likes her
right, and milions like her

me:  ya?
when u think that she likes her what
it makes you cringe?

Dad:  of course, not a very good role model is she
shes just a clueless empty headed bitch

me:  maya needs to move on

Dad:  haha
the ‘liberal’ mindset
lacking in any kind of value system

me:  hah

Dad:  trashy culture is bad

me:  sure, miley comes across as an idiot

Dad:  kills the new generation, turns them into empty headed celebrity hungry freaks with no life of their own

me:  she’s just trying to escape her goodie two shoes image by going the opposite route
its shock value

Dad:  who is ?
Maya or Miley

me:  miley

Dad:  she discovered that sex is much more lucrative
shes right of course

me:  i dunno, she was preeeetttyyy lucrative before
she was selling tons of merchandise to young girls

Dad:  but doing anything for money shows her character

me:  she’s a little less marketable to her target demo now

Dad:  this is a new thing, she said so, a big change, she has decide to go down this path
she wants to be madonna
and make hundreds of millions instead of just tens

Dad:  but the way she talks and reacts to questions shows pretty much that she is driven only by her hunger for bigger success, she reminds me of a little puppet
her brain must be very tiny
or non existent

me:  you’ve been reading interviews of hers?

Dad:  only the reptilian part of the brain is developed obviously
i saw them on Fox

Sent at 11:51 AM on Wednesday
me:  so you know what “twerking” is?

Dad:  nope

me:  oh.

Sent at 11:56 AM on Wednesday
Dad:  why
ok now I know
what Miley did

me:  yes