November 13, 2012
via Esquire
via Esquire

There’s plenty to learn about the ups and downs of being the New York media’s whipping girl/icon in this interview with Girls creator and star Lena Dunham in Esquire, like how she feels about having signed on as the “guinea pig” for presenting different body images for women on television, and how she reacts to her legion of haters. One person who’s not a critic of hers, however, is Louis C.K., who Dunham once dressed up as on Halloween, and met at the Emmy Awards this year, calling him “just like my favorite TV human. Oh, he’s the best.”

Lena Dunham and Louis C.K. together in one article? Anyway we could work Community and Lana Del Rey into this post to maximize blogasm potential?

So what does the patron saint of “creatives” and comics and miserable human beings everywhere think of the young talent? He gave her a hug during a commercial break at the Emmys and told her, “What you’re doing is important.’”

And now, for anyone who was waiting around for a respected man comic to weigh in on what a young woman is doing in the field, we have that whole Lena Dunham question settled.

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