December 12, 2012

There does exist the possibility, in fact, of consuming too much of a good thing, as anyone who’s ever thrown up a few pounds of foie gras can easily verify. Too much television, though, is more of a numbing, blissful opiate that will only murder one’s productivity and will to interact with other human beings—not anything that serious. So it’s with a cautious but excited eye that we welcome the news of there being more Arrested Development episodes that originally anticipated, due to an abundance of quality material that has show creator Mitch Hurwitz sitting in the editing room, snipping and compiling another batch of arcs and delightfully interconnected meta-jokes that will take a few watchings to parse in full. Instead of 10 episodes, we’ll get somewhere between 12 and 15, all to be released at once on Netflix sometime this spring, following the next chance Hurwitz has to bring all the series’s principal players back to the studio for a last-second session of filming to flesh out the new episodes. (You can’t tell me Michael Cera’s schedule is completely occupied, not with that facial caterpillar.)

“We are thrilled with the direction of the show, with the footage we have seen and with the relationship between Mitch, Imagine, 20th and Netflix,” a Netflix spokeswoman said. “At this time, we are not confirming or announcing the final episode count but we are sure fans will be thrilled when we do.” Translation: Hell yeah, we’re dropping this on your head. 2013 is going to be such a joy ride. Never leaving the house again!

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