Wedges Are the Ugliest Shoe, Say Dudes In Survey


Wedges Are the Ugliest Shoe, Say Dudes In Survey


In what is undoubtedly a peer-reviewed scientific study with rigorous academic standards, something called CouponCodes4U has posted the results of a survey in which they asked 2,103 men their opinion on the on their least favorite footwear options for women, as the Huffington Post reported today. The worst, they found, were wedges, which is also what I used to say to bullies in Jr. High School incidentally.

The full results were as follows:

1. Wedge shoes — 71 percent

2. Uggs — 67 percent

3. Crocs — 63 percent

4. Platforms — 58 percent

5. Flip flops — 55 percent

6. Moccasins — 49 percent

7. Mary Janes — 42 percent

8. Ballet shoes — 37 percent

9. Kitten heels — 34 percent

10. Sneakers — 25 percent

On the plus side, with sneakers coming in last, at least that shows that dudes in question want ladies to at least experience a little bit of comfort, which has to be a first in human history.  Regardless, the correct result when someone asks a dude what kind of shoes he prefers a women to wear, however, is “whatever the fuck she wants, I don’t care.” Coming in a close second is “whichever one helps us get out of the house earlier.” Ladies be changing their shoes am I right?