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We Went to Expo Chicago 2015, So You Didn’t Have To

Art & Design

We Went to Expo Chicago 2015, So You Didn’t Have To


This weekend, Chicago hosted the annual International Exposition for Modern & Contemporary Art, opening the floodgates to a sea of aesthetes you’d imagine could only exist within an SNL script. Displaying artwork from 140 leading galleries across the globe, Expo’s offerings ran the gamut from a hyper-realistic middle-aged woman kneeling to a crumpled trash bag attached to a limp stick.

As with every year, however, the art was certainly not the main attraction, falling second to the event’s prime people watching: well-groomed art collectors dressed in all white and sipping $8 pressed juices, women in fur-trimmed shawls sitting down to purchase $150,000 paintings and one (very odd) man dragging a flower pot on wheels—normal.

Lucky for you, we managed to sift through a ton of Expo’s inherent bullshit, finding a brief selection of 10 specific pieces that actually piqued our interest. This is everything we had haphazardly listed on an iPhone note—enjoy:


orgin-0Caroline Wells Chandler, Orgin, 2014

Parr From Mexico4 c. 2006Martin Parr, From Mexico, 2006

tumblr_nnhe89KpfV1r380buo2_1280David Hockney, The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, 2011

jr15_sung_songs_medJosh Reames, Sung Songs, 2015

tmiSampleJason Salavon, The Master Index, 2007-2013

Statue-of-a-Young-Man-Wearing-an-ExomisCatherine Wagner, Boy With Four Shadows, 2013/2014

KaviGuptaGallery004727Mickalene Thomas, Quanikah Goes Up, 2005

8e6ba8a595d46c155fb04c641f2c02a3_f486Samuel Jablon, Breathless, 2014

largePatrick Lee, Deadly Friends (Mama Tried), 2015

20017-1378433037-IMG_3893Ai Weiwei, Illumination, 2009