We Partied With Gesaffelstein, Jon Hopkins and Matte This Weekend


We Partied With Gesaffelstein, Jon Hopkins and Matte This Weekend


MATTE Projects, who we’ve been teaming up with lately for a series of downtown parties, asked us once again to join them as they invaded Brooklyn Hangar this past Saturday for the return of their party series Black.  A year in the making, Black, elegantly blended multidimensional collaborative music, design, and art, sourcing talent from all over the world.

The line snaked around the outside of the enormous Brooklyn Hangar space. Lit cigarettes and the distant twinkle of Manhattan across the river was the only light as patrons entered the facility. The crowd was a mix of typical party goers: socialites, art enthusiasts and music fans.  The dancing crowd heated the large open 15,000 square foot warehouse space.  As the night carried on into the early morning, jackets and coats lined the perimeter of the dance floor.

The main room of the Hangar was over taken by either absolute darkness or vibrating red, yellow and blue lights that danced amongst the party goers. The DJ acts floated above the crowd basked in glowing lasers and custom created video projections. The Parisian dark prince Gesaffelstein and euphoric electronic mastermind Jon Hopkins delivered stand out performances.

At midnight, three, solitary choral singers stood from the south balcony, lit by the colors of the French flag to sing a hymn in honor of the recent attacks on Paris. A haunting chill passed over the crowd.

This party was not only a musical endeavor, but also a sensory experience. The white walled and floored basement was a maze of visual installations broken into six different rooms featuring six visual artists: Cara StrickerJesper JustNate BrownToki SeriesVirgil Abloh and Zach Walker.  These rooms felt like a neon enriched, foggy abyss.  Party goers held hands as they discovered new rooms.  TV installations, video projections, stripper poles, and large swings were bathed in rich neon hues and obscured by thick fog that bounced the light mysteriously around the space.  Dancers became part of the installation as their vignette created space and shape within the smoke.

Music blasted from both floors in a trance like rhythm until the sunrise.  Well done Matte, another successful experience, and a very tired Sunday.

(Photos by: Jono Bernstein)

(Words by: @hellolightfoot)


Gesaffelstein (DJ)

Jon Hopkins (LIVE)



NSR & Haruka



Visual Artists:

Cara Stricker

Jesper Just

Nate Brown

Toki Series

Virgil Abloh 

Zach Walker