July 6, 2012

Jay-Z continues to set himself apart as a rapper, not only because he’s married to Beyonce and does things like play Carnegie Hall, but dude is kind of a tastemaker as well; today his Life+Times blog posted a video of producer/songwriter Matthew Dear making a demo from scratch, which means what, exactly? How does one make a song from “scratch?” Does that mean Girl Talk is like a Stouffer’s lasagna? Anyway,  look at Hov cultural curatin’! The video shows Dear doing some field recording with an old style tape recorder before he goes back to the studio and actually makes it into a song (it’s also nice to know that dude’s style of dress is just as serious when all he’s doing is walking around Brooklyn banging on pipes). This “Pipe Dreams Demo” didn’t make it onto the tracklist for Dear’s forthcoming LP Beams, but judging by what we’ve heard from it so far, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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