June 19, 2012

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is one of the most visually iconic sci-fi movies ever made, portraying a darkly dystopian vision of future Los Angeles. Aside from coffee table books, there’s another way to admire the imagery: Swedish artist Anders Ramsell recreated the opening sequence of the movie using watercolors set to sound, achieving a flickering Waking Life type of effect. Though this clip is barely thirteen minutes long, it’s composed of 3,285—three thousand, two hundred and eighty-five!—paintings, enough to make any art student writhe with imagined Carpal Tunnel. What’s more, Ramsell told Kotaku that he’s planning to do the same for the full movie, a rate which scales out to more than 29,000 tiny paintings. Which is a hell of a lot to keep track of, and considering the film’s multiple cuts, a project that could see a bunch of different versions. It could even lead to a written adaptation: Do Watercolors Dream of Painted Sheep?

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