Uncovering Vogue’s Weird Obsession With Reviving Uggs


Uncovering Vogue’s Weird Obsession With Reviving Uggs


From a mainstream standpoint, Vogue is supposed to be at the forefront of fashion, telling wealthy fashionistas everywhere how to delegate their hard earned (or inherited) cash. Why, then, does the magazine have a strange obsession with bringing back a trend that never should have been one in the first place?

Guys, Vogue is obsessed with making Uggs a thing (again), and, just like Gretchen Wiener and the word “fetch,” they will not let it go.

It all started in 2013, when a horrific winter storm adorably dubbed Nemo plagued New York City. Apparently, no one who works at Vogue owned any fashionable snow-appropriate shoes to wear to work, which forced many top editors to don, gasp, Uggs. But what if someone saw them? Wouldn’t they be stripped of their fashion authority?

They had a solution: write a blog post outing themselves as lovers of Uggs and try to get the rest of the fashion world on board.

It didn’t work. I lived in New York in 2013 and I can confirm that, save to run a quick errand in the hood, fashionable women were not reviving the look en masse.

But Vogue did not give up. In 2015, British Vogue took a stab at bringing back Uggs. After all, everyone knows the British, French and Italian versions of the mag are much cooler and thus much better at reviving trends. This post was less a shameful admission and more a bold declaration of the shoe’s awesomeness. Again, no one bought it.

Maybe Vogue bought some Ugg stock in the early 2000s, because they did not stop there. Earlier this year, the mag posted a picture of Rihanna wearing Uggs, because, “If there’s one person who can elevate the Ugg boot to fashionable new heights, it’s Rihanna.” They should know, they’ve tried everything. TBH, I’m sure if RiRi started wearing Uggs, like, all the time, she totally could make them a thing again, but one stroll through an airport (where comfort is king) wearing a low-key black pair wasn’t gonna cut it. Sorry, Vogue. 

Now, they’re giving it another go, asking the question, “Are Uggs and Crocs Poised For a Comeback?” They cite Thaddeus O’Neil’s collection, which paired the boot with its sporty attire. Vogue, if Rihanna couldn’t bring back Uggs, do you honestly think Thaddeus O’Neil can? What is it with you guys and Uggs?

Give it up, fam. It’s over. Walk away.