February 15, 2013

Behold, the least scrutable thing you will watch today, or perhaps all month: Last night, Vin Diesel uploaded a video of himself singing Rihanna’s “Stay” against a projection of Ri-Ri’s music video while wearing a suit. It begs a lot of questions: Who was filming the video? Where was it shot? Is Vin Diesel a huge Rihanna fan, or was it just this one song that stuck with him? I don’t know, but for whatever it’s worth, his rendition of the song isn’t too bad—it’s just the weirdness of Vin emoting more seriously than anything he’s done since the Fast and the Furious sequel where Michelle Rodriguez gets killed. (Wherein he made a face that almost approached something human.) Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day; I hope you’re not as sad as Vin appears to be.

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