Video of the Week: Australian 9 piece Saskwatch Get Otherworldly Emotional on ‘Call Your Name’


Video of the Week: Australian 9 piece Saskwatch Get Otherworldly Emotional on ‘Call Your Name’


As far as occupational hazards go, being inundated with an endless stream of new music in your inbox nonstop every day isn’t such a bad one, but it can tend to take some of the joy out of listening to and discovering new music, which is why one gets into the profession in the first place. I spend a good portion of my day swatting down pitches for premieres of new songs, which is what I did instinctively when this video for “Call Your Name” from Australia’s Saskwatch came my way. “Sorry, going to pass,” I wrote.

But then a few minutes later I found the song’s powerful, mournful chorus — “When I call your name. I’m filled with regret” — reverberating in my head. A few minutes later it had lodged itself into my heart. “Wait! Wait! I do want it.”

You will too.

“I guess from a songwriting point of view, this song really opened up a new way of writing for me,” the band’s trumpeter Liam McGorry explained.

“I’d never been so frank lyrically and it’s really a first for the band at this end of the dynamic / emotional spectrum. Since the first time we played it in rehearsal I’ve always really enjoyed playing ‘Call Your Name.’ It’s really special.”

The video casts the nine piece, horns-led soul group’s lament into an animated clip that elevates it from matters of the emotional to the otherworldly.

“I guess as there is so much attachment to the song, we really wanted a clip that was something special too. We’ve worked with Jason [Galea] for over a year now on and off after seeing his amazing work with Zonk Vision and his mind-blowing clips for King Gizzard and The Murlocs. Jason is phenomenal in that his work just gets better and better. His work in animating collage here is I believe, his first effort at it? That’s pretty incredible in itself.”

Saskwatch are set to begin a US tour. Find out more here.

Photo by Greta Parry Photography