Video Premiere: SlimKillsAll’s ‘RZR BLD’


Video Premiere: SlimKillsAll’s ‘RZR BLD’


There’s never been much of a punk scene in the Bronx, which is known as the birthplace of rap. But SlimKillsAll, a Cuban-American Bronx resident, is starting his own scene–as a one man minimalist punk band. BULLETT spoke with SlimKillsAll as he prepared to drop his first video–premiered here!–for the song “RZR BLD,” short for razorblade, off the upcoming album Hellatopia.

Is there a small scene in the BX that your sound come from or is this from elsewhere/one of kind?

Not that I’m aware of–it looks like it’s time to start one. To further answer your question, there are little pockets of creativity here and there  going on but for the most part it’s a hard, working class borough, people ain’t got time to be chasing scenes, so this is definitely one of a kind.

What kind of hardcore and punk influences inform your music?

Well, I guess you can say I’m a late bloomer because I didn’t really get into punk or hardcore music until my early 20’s. From then on I was totally influenced by The Cramps, The Ramones and all the Jimi Hendrix stuff you know? Aside from name dropping it was more like the attitude and conviction within the music.That’s the stuff that really formed my sound.

Explain your Fuck you Next Attitude?

It’s a viscous attack on the path that lies ahead. It keeps everything in check. You’re either with me or I’m going to run you over. No time for bullshitting so Fuck you Next

What venue do you dream of playing?

Well, being a New Yorker I would to have say the historical Madison Square Garden. You can’t beat that, Let’s go!