January 31, 2013

It’s a little hard to reconcile the tender come-ons of Maria Minerva’s “Black Magic” with the ostentatious imagery in the music video directed by Alice Cohen, which feels like an pastiche between occult Tumblr and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! You’d might take a refrain like “Boy, what you do to me is black magic / I die every night in your arms” as earnest ode to a lover, but there’s the Estonia-born, London-educated and Brooklyn-based Minerva in bright blue eyeshadow and black leotard, bopping about the screen in a slightly comical manner that lends a few different layers of irony to the whole endeavor. The video’s occasional goofiness may be a jarring contrast against the song’s haunting simplicity, but it’s a symbiotic relationship that will get you thinking—or at the very least, smiling. There’s also more than a few screenshots that should find their way onto Tumblr; a win all around, if you’re keeping score. “Black Magic” appears on Bless, a new EP that will be out in April.

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