Video Premiere: Lucy Schwartz’ Gorgeous ‘Ghost In My House’


Video Premiere: Lucy Schwartz’ Gorgeous ‘Ghost In My House’


Just in time for Halloween, there’s a ghost in Lucy Schwartz’ house, although we’re pretty sure she’s not singing about the the hole-in-the-bed-sheet stype. Spectral visions of a different sort abound in the video for her song “Ghost in My House,” from a young child playing in a field of flowers, to mirrored and reversed images of Schwartz gazing into her own reflection, and a spirit animal fox.

The song comes from her recent Timekeeper, whose song “Boomerang” you may remember everyone raving over after it ran over the end of Arrested Development, the show’s creator among them. “Lucy’s latest album is her Sgt. Pepper. Unbelievable. I can’t stop playing it or thinking about it. So brilliant and amazing,” Mitch Hurwitz said.

The 23-year-old Los Angeles artist’s music has turned up everywhere from Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 to Shrek Forever AfterAs you’ll hear from “Ghost,” there’s some visceral image-conjuring in her music that lends itself to the moving image, like in this through-the-fox-hole clip directed by Tierney Gearon.

“Ghost in my house is about reconnecting with those who have passed on; friends, ancestors, loved ones,” Schwartz told us. “It’s about figuring out new ways to interact with the memory of someone you’ve lost, and inviting that person back into your life. In that way, it’s a celebration!”

She didn’t want the ghost concept to be taken literally, however. “I liked the idea that a ghost could take on an unexpected shape; like an animal. So I started to think about how I could make a video where I was interacting with an animal. And I thought about what animal I would want to have in the video: what animal would be practical to work with, but would also look striking, and have a powerful meaning as well.”

Mythology, as it so often does, held the answer.

“I started looking into old myths/ folklore, researching different animals and what qualities they represent. Somewhere along my research, I found a myth that described the fox as ‘a principle mediator between the human and the spirit worlds’ and I thought that is the perfect animal for the ‘Ghost In My House’ video.”

Tierney fleshed out the rest of the story from there.

“We both wanted the video to be something that wasn’t quite so literally ‘ghost’, and we wanted the video to be something that felt like a dream or like a fantasy reality. It was amazing getting to work with Tierney. She is someone who is bubbling with ideas and non-stop creative energy. And she puts together these real-life set-ups, using color and light and reflections, that look out-of-this-world.”