December 10, 2012

The best music not only gives you something to dance to, it also comes with an air of danger. That’s why this video from Los Angeles’ He Met Her is working right now; I’m not sure if these dudes wants to come smoke a bowl on my roof and talk about ‘our projects’ or mount me on meathooks in an abandoned warehouse. I’d probably be scared enough just seeing the duo of Mowgli Moon and Rocky Chance walking down the street as it is, statuesque model-looking motherfuckers.

Speaking of warehouses, the track “Believe In Me”, from this year’s Crime Novela EP is the type of slowly-heaving electro jam tailor-made for grinding up on someone—anyone will do—dancing and splashing beer sweat all up in your business toward the end of a party so good you forgot to take any pictures of it while you were there.

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