September 23, 2013

Under the Skin, the new movie from famed music video director Jonathan Glazer, is poised to make a kajillionbillion dollars at the global box office. We know this because it’s also known as the movie that Scarlett Johansson gets naked in, and as we all know, the world is overpopulated with horny, starlet-obsessed fanbros with money to burn and time to kill. But for the few of you still interested in cinema as art, Under the Skin, which follows an alien (Johansson) who seduces and then devours men, also looks like a provocative study of male-female sexual dynamics from a director who’s last film was the deeply unsettling Birth, released almost ten years ago. Skin is already getting notice for the unique way it was shot: Johansson went incognito in Scotland and actually seduced unsuspecting men, who appear in the film as her victims. Check out all the fun below.

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