This Trump and Pence Interview On ’60 Minutes’ Is Just Bonkers


This Trump and Pence Interview On ’60 Minutes’ Is Just Bonkers


You would think at this last stage of the game that it would be impossible for the Trump campaign to devolve any further into the the theater of the absurd, but on 60 Minutes Sunday night, his appearance with VP pick Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, managed to unlock a heretofore undiscovered level of weirdness.

In a segment that echoed his bizarre, rambling, introduction of Pence over the weekend, in which the candidate seemed to forget at times that he was supposed to be speaking about Pence, even when he specifically alerted us that he was about to speak about Pence, Trump steamrolled over his running mate throughout the entire interview, answered questions for him, and did everything short of sending him to go get his shine box.

Lesley Stahl did her best to corral Trump and keep him on topic, but that’s like trying to saddle a tornado. At one point, she asked Pence if he agreed with Trump’s insulting John McCain by saying he wasn’t a war hero, because he got capture. It was just *kisses fingers Italianly*.

Check out this exchange:

LESLEY STAHL: Do you think John McCain is not a hero because he was captured?

MIKE PENCE: I have a great deal of respect for John McCain, and–

LESLEY STAHL: Do you think he went too far?

DONALD TRUMP: You could say yes. I– that’s okay.

DONALD TRUMP: that one, you could say yes, I mean, you’re not—it’s fine – hey, look, I like John McCain. But we have to take care of our vets.

LESLEY STAHL: No, but I want to know if–

DONALD TRUMP: Okay, but I’m just–

LESLEY STAHL:–Mr. Pence would go in and–

DONALD TRUMP:–I’m just saying, that’s–

LESLEY STAHL: –say to you

It does not get much more coherent from there. At another point she tried to get the duo to give specifics on how they found destroy ISIS.

LESLEY STAHL: Let’s– let’s talk about what happened in Nice horrendous carnage horrible, of innocence.


LESLEY STAHL: Horrible. You said you would declare war against I.S.I.S. What exactly do you have–

DONALD TRUMP: It is war. By the way, it is war.

LESLEY STAHL: No, but does that– when you say, “Declare war,” do you want to send American troops in there? Is that what you mean?

DONALD TRUMP: Look, we have people that hate us. We have people that want to wipe us out we’re going to declare war against I.S.I.S. We have to wipe out I.S.I.S. These are people that–

LESLEY STAHL: With troops on the ground?

DONALD TRUMP: I am going to have very few troops on the ground. We’re going to have unbelievable intelligence, which we need; which, right now, we don’t have. We don’t have the people over there. We are going to use–

LESLEY STAHL: You want to send Americans–

DONALD TRUMP: Excuse me– and we’re going to have surrounding states and, very importantly, get N.A.T.O. involved because we support N.A.T.O. far more than we should, frankly, because you have a a lot of countries that aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing. And we have to wipe out I.S.I.S. And speakin’ of Turkey, Turkey is an ally. Turkey can do it by themselves. But they have to be incentivized. For whatever reason, they’re not. So we have no choice.

LESLEY STAHL: But I still don’t know if you’re going to send troops over–

DONALD TRUMP: Very little. I’m going to–

LESLEY STAHL: But declare war–

DONALD TRUMP: –get neighboring states and I’m going to get– we are going to get N.A.T.O.; we’re going to wipe ’em out. We’re going to–

LESLEY STAHL: But declare war?


LESLEY STAHL: What does that mean–

MIKE PENCE: This is– this is the kind– this is the kind of leadership that America needs and it–


MIKE PENCE: and it begins with deciding to destroy the enemies of our freedom.


MIKE PENCE: And how we do that? I have every confidence. You– you remember I served on the Foreign Affairs Committee. And I’m very confident that when Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, he’ll give a directive to our military commanders, bring together other nations, and we will use the enormous resources of the United States to destroy that enemy

DONALD TRUMP: Now look, we are going to get rid of I.S.I.S., big league. And we’re going to get rid of ’em fast. And we’re going to use surrounding states. We’re going to use N.A.T.O., probably. And we’re going to declare war. It is war. When the World Trade Center comes tumbling down, with thousands of people being killed, people are still– I have friends that are still–

Big league. Do yourself a favor and watch the entire interview. You will not be disappointed.