Top 5 Trending Artists on the Rise: From the Ears of a Bullett Teen


Top 5 Trending Artists on the Rise: From the Ears of a Bullett Teen


There seems to be a lot of buzz over emerging musicians, thanks to every teenager’s favorite pastime: social media. Lately my timelines and news feeds have been obsessing over a new era of pop and indie musicians who have the power to take over the music industry. While a lot of the “older” crowd is ignorant to the Internet’s impact, due to its cringe-worthy cat videos and aged memes, you’ve got to hand it to the power of the youth this time around. Not only have today’s generation of music lovers identified these gems, but we are successfully blasting their presence all over our Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts to sharpen our badass, hipster aesthetic and support our favorite artists.

Here’s a few we’re into:

#5 Bea Miller

Melanie Martinez isn’t the only under-appreciated pop star on live TV; Bea Miller had an even shorter run on The X Factor. Thankfully, Syco Music and Hollywood Records picked her up in time for her to open up for Demi Lovato’s World Tour in 2014. She harbors an edgier combination of the ex-Disney pop stars, minus the preteen TV show. Her hit single “Youngblood” and “Fire and Gold” from her debut album Not An Apology have been receiving attention from mainstream radio and even Radio Disney, diversifying her growing audience.

Listen to “Force of Nature”:



PVRIS are another growing sensation straight from the stages of Warped Tour; plus I can’t scroll through my Tumblr page without seeing quirky gifs of lead singer Lynn Gunn. The fact that PVRIS moved their way up to the Warped main stage in one summer says a lot about their explosion since the release of their 2014 November debut White Noise. The edgy pop-rock trio marries real, raw instruments and haunting synth effects to create a sound that has captivated the newer generation of music consumers.

Listen to “St. Patrick”:


#3 Halsey

Indie pop singer Halsey got her start on YouTube before releasing her first original single, “Ghost.” Embracing a cool aesthetic, like Lorde or Marina and the Diamonds, Halsey’s music career has been gaining serious speed in anticipation for her debut full-length Bandlands. Her youthful, wild and free attitude easily coincides with exactly what this young generation wants to hear, and the buzz over Badlands shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. Get used to Halsey, she plans on sticking around.

Listen to “New Americana”:


#2 Melanie Martinez

If you are a fellow American Horror Story Fan, you might have heard Melanie Martinez’s hit single “Carousel” in the opening credits. If not, her eccentric style might be familiar after she finished third on The Voice’s season three. Shame on you, America. From her unique voice and sound on the Dollhouse EP to her Crybaby debut, Martinez has showcased a consistent persona that hasn’t been seen before. No need to swing on wrecking balls to prove her creativity – Crybaby tells her own spooky story.

Listen to “Pity Party”:


#1 Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilot’s recent success with single “Tear In My Heart” from new album Blurryface makes most radio listens assume they are the new kids on the block, but these two musicians have been making a lot of noise in the scene since touring with Fall Out Boy during their 2013 comeback, and especially since they dropped their new album Blurryface. If any other musician released a musical style that mixed pop, R&B, reggae, rap, rock, and super deep lyrics, all you’d get is a headache. But Twenty One Pilots did it. So it’s perfection. “Don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless.”

Listen to “Doubt”


And in case you haven’t had enough: Bebe Rexha

Though not a newcomer to the music industry, Bebe Rexha’s solo career really launched with her 2015 EP I Don’t Wanna Grow Up and her dynamite guest vocals on “Hey Mama” by David Guetta. Her engaging voice and vivacious style, falling somewhere between Charli XCX and Cher Lloyd, exploded over the Vans Warped Tour scene after her successful run on the tour this summer. Finish off your summer by blasting Bebe Rexha’s tunes out of your car speakers while riding along the beach – it’s that type of music.

Listen to “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy”: