November 5, 2012

Movement is everything in fashion, and these two videos are here to prove it. Berlin-based creative agency Meiré ind Meiré collaborated with animation studio Colors And The Kids to design a captivating ad for the new Kenzo menswear collection. This could be the coolest commercial ever – imagine a Matrix-inspired, corporate-goes-hip dance scene, in which anonymous silhouettes gyrate to an electronic track from Teeth in front of your office building. It might be weird, but genius usually is.

MSGM is an Italian brand known for their striking patterns and bold color choices. This season they went even crazier, debuting a shaky and stroboscopic feature directed by Luca Finotti and styled by Paolo Zagoreo. “Flowerworks” goes along with the theme of the collection, featuring surreal, slow-mo shots of models surrounded by flowers, sparks, and clouds of colored smoke. The result is stunning, if somewhat stroke-inducing. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this two-minute acid trip.  

FLOWERWORKS MSGM by Luca Finotti from Luca Finotti on Vimeo.

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