December 10, 2012

Zero Dark Thirty is a very good movie. It’s exactly as terse, realistic and harrowing a depiction of the hunt to find Osama bin Laden as the trailers have promised, and more. It’s probably not going to win Best Picture because two in four years for Kathryn Bigelow might be too much to expect, especially with the award-clearing Lincoln waiting in reserve, but there’s no doubting the dedication put into making ZDT a thoughtful affair. In an interview with Showbiz 411, actor Jason Clarke (pictured right)—who plays an agent hot on bin Laden’s trail—revealed that he’d subjected himself to waterboarding, the controversial interrogation technique* that plays a prominent, somewhat disturbing role in the film. “Of course, it’s a lot different when you know it can be stopped, and people are there to make sure nothing bad happens,” he said.” But still! Imagine being dedicated enough to anything that you’d put yourself through such unnecessary, painful procedure just to glean a little more insight of your subject. Daniel Day-Lewis is probably vomiting with rage right now. “It’s not faiiiiiiir,” he whines to his wife. “They wouldn’t let me get shot in the head and see what it must’ve felt like.” Alas. ZDH opens up on December 19, just in time for a spectacularly weird Christmas Day outing with the family.

* Controversial inasmuch as no one wanted to admit it was totally an act of torture.

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